One summer, Andrea and her family moved in a village called Green Meadows for the summer. Out of all the people she could meet there, she met Michael Jonson. What will happen to the both of them? Will they hate each other or fall madly in love with each other? Read on to find out!


3. 2:00 A.M

I woke up to, not the sound of my alarm clock, but the sound of rock music, at 2:00a.m.!


I walked to my balcony, and guess who I saw, oh yeah! 




'Mornin' sweetheart!' He said.


'Turn down the music!' I said.


'Afraid I can't do that.' He said.


'Why not?!' I asked.


'A. I'm afraid clicking a button this early is too much work, and B. I like listening to this kind of music!' He said.


'You know what time it is JERK?!' I asked.


'Yeah, 2:00a.m.' He answered back.


'People are trying to sleep here!' I said.


'So your saying I'm not human?' He asked, smirking.


He knows, he's irritating me.


'No! Your a frikin' alien that won't shut up at 2:00 in the morning!' I screamed.


'I am not making much sound, so that means I am "Shutting Up"' He said.


'I HATE YOU!' I screamed.


'Love you too sweetheart!' He said.


I slammed my balcony doors shut!

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