Little Do You Know

Emily's life used to be perfect, a loving-mother, two brothers, a caring best friend, and a brave father off fighting for the freedom of our country, but after a tragic incident, can Emily live the rest of her Junior year out liked she planned it? Will this tragic accident help Emily find out who she can really count on? And will Emily get the boy she always loved? Find out in "Little Do You Know."


1. Chapter One

    Chapter One

Pain is inevitable. I learned this all throughout my life. I was barely even one when my dad was first deployed to Afghanistan. Of course I didn’t really understand what was going on at the time, but as time went on, I then finally realized the risk he was putting himself in, which just made it even harder. I am now 17, stating my junior year of high school, by now I lost count how many times he has been deployed. Right now he is on a four year leave...but I seem to be the only one in my family taking it so hard. My older brother, Jacob, aka Jake who is 18. He’s too busy with his extracurricular that he really doesn’t have time to think about it. And my other brother, Sam...aka Sammy, who is only 3, doesn’t even know where my dad is. And then there is my mom, she tries to hide her pain behind a smile every morning but I can see the exhaustion and pain she is in. It just tears me apart.

〜Present Day〜

    “EM!!!! Wake up!!!!” screamed my brother Sammy as he jumped on top of me. “Mom, wants you up!!!” Sammy gets really rough when he is in a bad mood but I can never get mad at him because with the brown hair, hazel eyes, and dimples when he smiles, you just can never stay mad.

    “Ugh...fine Sammy can you just please get off me!!” I said as I tried to push him off.

    “Fine...but you better be downstairs in five minutes or mommy will be mad.” He said as he pouted back downstairs.

    After he left I got up and headed downstairs, not even bothering to get out of my pajamas. When I walked into the kitchen, a whiff of cinnamon filled my nose. And as I walked into the kitchen I noticed that my mother just took out a pan of cinnamon rolls. Which are my favorite thing for breakfast. “Good morning mother,” I said as I jumped and sat on the edge of the counter, reaching over and grabbing a cinnamon roll. As I looked over at her, I then realized how different she looks compared to me and my brother. Me and him are known for perfect brown hair with gorgeous hazel eyes, and my mother is known for her perfect olive skin, wavy blonde hair, and blue coloured eyes. I guess I get my looks from my dad. Jake gets his looks from my mom, with the blonde hair all the way to the blue eyes.

“Good morning Emily,” she replied, yet she had not even looked up from the bowl in which she was mixing, which I am guessing is brownie batter. I get used to her not acknowledging what is happening around her while she is cooking or baking. She gets very focused when she bakes especially. Mainly because she owns her own bakery, “Lily’s Bakery,” which her mother named after her. So you just learn to get used to it. “So are you planning on going anywhere today, Em,” asked my mother.

“Not really, I might end up walking over to Aly’s later so we can talk about Junior year.” I replied as I jumped down off the counter finishing my cinnamon roll and walking over to the refrigerator to get a bottle of water. “Why? Do we have anything going on today.”

“No. I just was going to run in the bakery today to help Jackie out. I just wanted to ask to see if you can bring Sammy with you so he can hang out with Aiden while you are there, (Aiden is Aly’s little brother) so he isn’t home alone all day,” she said as she sat the brownies in the oven.

“Yeah that shouldn’t be a problem, but I thought Jake is going to be home all day, I don’t remember him having lacrosse practice today.” I said opening the refrigerator trying to find a water bottle.

“Oh well, Alex stayed over last night and them two or heading over to the park and meeting up with some friends from school.” She said as she wiped off the counter. Alex is my brothers best friend. He is tall, muscular, and tan with brown hair and brown eyes. He is one of the most popular seniors in our school. I mean, he is cute, but I look at him more of a brother than a boyfriend, but my best friend still thinks I like him.

Just as I found a water bottle in the refrigerator Jake and Alex coming barging in from outside, covered in sweat. When they walked in my brother went over to my mother and said, “morning mom,” and bent down and kissed her on the cheek, then grabbed a cinnamon roll. Alex followed suit greeting my mother with, “Good morning Mrs. Montgomery,” then reaching over grabbing a cinnamon roll too. I just opened my water bottle and closed the fridge when Jake asked, “Can you hand us a water, Em, cause you standing in front of the fridge?”

“Can you ask nicely?” I said with a smirk.

“Am I going to have to come over there and give you a big hug and cover you with my sweat just to get you to give me a water bottle?” He said as him and Alex shared a mischievous look.

“I swear if you two come anywhere near me…” and before I could finish my sentence Jake came running towards me. I then turned and ran the other way but Alex must have went around and I ran right into him. And before I knew it Alex wrapped him arms around  and hugged me, covering my whole body in sweat. I tried to squirm out but he just tightened his grip. My brother then came on the other side and hugged me too so I was stuck in between two boys who were covered in sweat. They were laughing so hard, Sammy came running downstairs to see what was going on, and when he saw me, he started laughing too.

“Boys calm down,” my mother said but when I looked at her she was laughing too.

“Eww. You guys are making me all sweating and gross.” I said, as I tried to figure out every way to get out of their death grip.

“I know a way to fix that,” Jake said. And with that I knew that nothing good was coming out of this. And with that Alex picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, and started walking outside.

I was kicking so hard by then, “Please, put me DOWN!!!” I said, “I will get you your guy’s dumb water bottle, but please put me down!!” but he still continued to walk outside. And before I knew it he threw me off his back, but for me that was not a good thing, because before I knew what happened I came crashing into the cool water of our pool in our backyard. And when I came back up from under the water I saw that Alex, Jake, Sammy, and even my mother were laughing at me. At first I didn’t realize it, but I saw that my brother recorded the entire thing.
“Ugh...I so hate you guys right now.” I said pouting as I started to climb up the ladder.



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