Adreal: a shapeshifting, half adopted, talented, pirate, who gets into minor trouble more often than she should. However despite her mischievous and pranker side, she is loyal and a natural leader at heart. She gets a new job looking after and training a new cabin boy who she slightly dislikes, but deals with him nevertheless. The world, well worlds, she lives in are various planets throughout the galaxy where aliens, humanoids, and hybrids are an everyday sight.
PS: The title, Querencia is a spanish word that means ‘a place from which one’s strength of character is drawn' or ‘A place in which we know exactly who we are. The place from which we speak our deepest beliefs.’”


1. Trouble

Author's note: To all who read this, thank you so much! If you do (somehow) actually like it so far, or even if you don't, PLEASE leave a comment and let me know what you think. It means so much! Thanks a million :)

P.S. Keep watch for the POV changes and keep in mind that I am continuously editing parts

Character descriptions : Adreal, about 17 years old. she has strawberry blonde hair and wears a gray tank top and tan, longish cargo shorts. she has a black firery swirl design tattoo on her left shoulder. wears a leather cord necklace with a claw on it. she wears a leather strap just below her rib cage that straps over one shoulder. She has black gloves that cut off at the fingers and her lower arms are wrapped for protection. Here's a drawing I did if you want a better idea:  http://mydragonrjasperandme.deviantart.com/art/Character-1-542476343

And here's Seth: http://mydragonrjasperandme.deviantart.com/art/Image-542479049


Captian Bates Maverick, he is tallish with a short light brown beard. One ear is pierced with a gold hoop through it. He wears a black tricorner hat with a red feather. he wears a white collared shirt underneath his long, blue overcoat with large cuffs. loose dark brown pants are tucked into his black boot. he has a thick leather strap that runs cross body from his shoulder to hip that carries his scabbard for his sword. he has a bionic leg and Akos, his hawk is black.



June 3, 2355. 0900 hours. 

Setting: Kuuma Ocean, Planet Ostrore; Galaxy 248

POV: Adreal

"For God's sake Adreal! Get down here!"

I smirked down at him from the rope net connecting to the front mast of the ship. "Yes, Cap'in," I hollered, changed into a large lizard and quickly scampered down to the deck. He glared at me, arms crossed, tapping his non-bionic leg. Akos, his black hawk, cocked his head forward at me as I morphed back into a human. I seemed to get in trouble with Bates a little too often.

"Miss, you were supposed to be scrubbing the rust off of the cannons and I don't seem to see them rust-free," he continued to glare which I was used to.

"Yes sir, Cap'in Bates. I know. Just takin' a break and catchin' some wind, sir," I straightened my back and widened my stance.

"Adreal you have a certain amount of power with your gift, I hope you choose to use it wisely. Next time I catch you off-job it'll be working and cleaning the kitchen with Ragnor."

"Yes sir," I lowered my eyes. I could tell he'd had enough to deal with today. We had a young dragon tear through one of our sails. It had to be mended and replaced as soon as possible because it had thrown us slightly off course.

"Adreal I have someone I want you to meet," He pivoted around on his real leg, his long blue coat swirled around after him. I followed him to his cabin, the nicest one on the ship. All the wood was polished and a large desk, covered in maps and scattered feathered pens, stood in the center. There were shelves with books and trinkets without a speck of dust on them. I felt dirty in my bare feet, gray tank, and grease streaked cargo shorts. My black leather gloves were cut at the fingers so my hands were also covered in grease and dirt from fixing things in the engine room. My strawberry blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail with my red dipped feather knotted in. Ace, Captain's first mate stood near the west door and quirked an eyebrow at me. He knew I was in trouble again. I rolled my eyes and smiled at him.

"Bring him in," Bates nodded to his first mate. Ace opened the door walked out and came back seconds later followed by a scrawny chocolate-haired boy of 18 or so with green-hazel eyes and slightly pointed ears, half-elf maybe.

"Who's this Cap'in?" I inquired.

"This, Adreal, is your new job," Bates turned and looked at me. "You will help to train this boy to be a cabin boy for you, a few other riggers, and Mace."

"You can't be serious," my shoulders dropped.

"Oh, but I am. You can start with proper introductions."

"Alright kid, listen up," his head jerked up paying full attention to me. "This," I gestured to Bates, "is Captain Bates Maverick. You will address him as Captain, Captain Maverick, or sir. He is your first priority. Always full respect and complete obedience to him. Got it?" He nodded numerous times quickly. "Good. Next is Ace," I said nodding over to him. "He is second in command and will take charge when Bate- er Captain isn't around." I could tell the kid was mentally taking notes, good. "I'm Adreal. Most of the crew calls me A though. I'm a rigger slash mechanic," I decided not to mention my being a shapeshifter just yet, "You'll take orders mainly from me, yeah?"

"Yes ma'am," he looked scared.

"Don't call me that. I'm not some old lady."

"Yes ma- uh A." he spat out.

"Better. Captain, are we excused?" Bates sat down at his desk.

"Yes. And Adreal? Stay out of trouble."

"Yes, sir," I turned and left the room followed by the stumbling kid. I led him to the deck where Bates had called me down from, "You got a name kid?"

"Callahan, Seth Callahan," he had his hands behind his back and eyes to the ground. He had on a white, long-sleeved shirt that was loosely tied with leather cord at the V in the neckline. His pants, brown with dirty and ripped knees, were tucked into his dark leather boots.

"Well Seth, how'd you come to be aboard this ship?"

"I, uh, ran away from home." his eyes darted across the ground.

"Look up and stand up straight, kid," he immediately stiffened his posture and looked up at me his eyes still darting across me. "What, you scared?"

"A little ma'am- er A," his gaze crossed the tattoo on my left shoulder. It was simply a black firey swirl design. Most of the crew had some sort of tattoo that meant something to them. The twin half-elves, 2nd and 3rd Mates, had matching anchors on the sides of their ribcages. Ace had some type of tribal print from his homeland down his arm. I didn't get what made him so sketchy about it.

"What's there to be afraid of? Nobody here is going to kill you. Except maybe Ragnor, but even he probably won't," I said.

"Am I allowed to ask questions?" Seth was still looking at my shoulder, but his eyes eventually drifted to make contact with mine.

"Shoot," what was he trying to get at?

"What does it mean and when did you get it?" he pointed at my tat.

"It's a symbol of strength. I don't remember when I got it. I've had it for as long as I can remember. Captain found me unconscious on the ship after a battle about, let's see, four years ago? And when I woke up I couldn't remember pretty much anything. So I joined the crew."

"Oh," his eyes dropped again, then he looked back up. His eyes were almost lifeless. "You have no idea who I am, do you?"

"Uh, no," I looked at him questioningly. "So, onto training, yeah?"


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