Adreal: a shapeshifting, half adopted, talented, pirate, who gets into minor trouble more often than she should. However despite her mischievous and pranker side, she is loyal and a natural leader at heart. She gets a new job looking after and training a new cabin boy who she slightly dislikes, but deals with him nevertheless. The world, well worlds, she lives in are various planets throughout the galaxy where aliens, humanoids, and hybrids are an everyday sight.
PS: The title, Querencia is a spanish word that means ‘a place from which one’s strength of character is drawn' or ‘A place in which we know exactly who we are. The place from which we speak our deepest beliefs.’”


2. Remember

POV: Seth Callahan 

She wasn't supposed to be here. After all this time. I've spent my entire life searching for her and she ended up here.Making a living on a bloody ship, not remembering who she was, or who I am. Four years ago on that night when she escaped. We were all so energized, she was the first one to ever do it. I had watched her every day, and every day she tried harder and harder to leave. Once someone asked her why she tried so hard because no one had ever done it. She simply replied, "Just because no one's done it, does not mean it can't be done." No one had ever lasted that long, ever. When she got to the top, when she got out, she turned and looked far down at me with wild eyes. They flashed bright green light as they always did when she was ready to take on whatever was in her way, anything. She threw a smile at me, then turned, and ran. That was the last I saw of her. Her escape gave us hope, hope that we too, could get out, that we could escape this hell hole. But the top must've been loaded with guards once they found out about the escaped prisoner. They must've found her, drugged her, tortoured her, took her memory, I can't bear to think what they did to her. Yet the she always had her symbol of strength to prevail on her shoulder, she was strength. Adreal became our strength, and like her, I made my way to the top and found a way out. Since then, all I did was search for her, all over the galaxy, and I find her here.

It has been a long day. I was officially part of the crew, yet I still have much to learn, although I'm glad I was learning from her. I knew now that I am to clean the sleeping and eating quarters at 8 AM every morning, serve breakfast at 9, (I'm fairly sure Ragnor is planning to murder me) scrub the cannons, make sure they are working properly, do a regular maintaince check of the engine room with Adreal at 11 sharp, I have down time after I serve lunch at 12, until 1:30 I get to do whatever I want, then back to work with A. It was probably about 10:30 at night, I couldn't sleep. I rolled out of my hammock and walked up to the deck where A and I had worked repairing the sails earlier today, careful not to make too much noise. Too late- a hand covered my mouth from behind and a dagger is pressed against my neck within a split second. I froze, they had found me, which means they found her.

"What is your business aboard this ship you scoundrel?" A female voice belonging to the one with the dagger to my neck, harshly whispered from behind me. Her grip on my mouth loosened so I was able to speak. The darkness is blinding, I cannot tell if there are others, although it seems much too quiet for that.

"What do you want?" quietly, but not whispering, I replied. The dagger's pressure loosened.

"Seth?" She came around to my front and dropped the dagger to her side. Adreal stood before me, not who hunts her. I exhaled, relieved. "Sorry about- well, that. What are you doing up here? You should be asleep, kid."

"Can't sleep," I simply replied. I keep seeing her eyes flash green before she left, in my head, expecting her to remember, but I know she doesn't.

"What? Having nightmares about Ragnor, are ya?" She smirked. My eyes had adjusted to the night. I chuckled to myself.

"Ha, what about you, why are you up?" I didn't expect the truth. She never shared anything personal or emotional. I've never seen her cry, she must keep everything inside.

"Not tired," she lowered her eyes. I don't want to push it, but I have to know if she remembers anything, so I start out slow.

"You ok?" I asked.

"Yeah I'm fine. You need to get back to your cabin before someone finds out you're gone," she said.

"You found out," I said. She playfully shoved me back to the direction of the cabins, but quickly pulled her hand away as her eyes, flashed green.

"Did you see that?" She stepped back and I glanced around.

"See what? What's going on?" I turned around, confused.

"You were there, at the bottom. You looked up, I left. What was that?" Adreal was breathing fast. Was it possible? When she touched me, did she remember? That tiny sliver, a flash of a memory, but it was there. She saw it.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I decided to keep this on a low profile until I was sure. She shook her head. "Well before you try to kill me again, I'm going to go back go bed. See you tomorrow, I guess," I said

"Yeah," she frowned, "see ya."

I turned and walked away.


Adreal's POV

I know my eyes flash green a lot, it's part of being me, what I am. It mostly happens when in battle, but this time was different. Seth seemed to know what was going on though, as if he knew exactly what I saw. Whatever, I'll figure it out later, right now I just need a break. We should be docking soon to stock up on supplies for the journey ahead, Bates hasn't revealed where we're going yet. I'd better catch some sleep, there's a lot of work to do tomorrow.


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