My Brother's Best Friend | Calum Hood

One call could change a lot of this.
A single call could mean you have a baby in your family,
or it could mean you lost a family member,
or it could mean your going to miss an upcoming football game or UFC fight.

But in this case, my one call... basically changed my entire life.
I now know who I'm in love with... but I also know he's the one who will shatter my heart in millions of pieces.





So... that's it.

My Brother's Best Friend is officially over.. and with 47K reads which honestly I never thought would happen.

And it's all thanks to you because without you I highly doubt I would have finished this book and it most likely would've been deleted on like the fifth chapter.


But yeah, I mainly just wanted to say thanks and that if I actually finish the first chapter by this Saturday, the first chapter for Just Another Love Story will be up.

But if I don't get it up by then, it means I'm helping my friend write a book her and I have been working on for quite a while now.

  It's called Trouble and it's a Calum Hood fanfiction and I'm not going to lie, her and I started writing that book a year before I even thought of making an account on this website. But yeah, it's on her account ( irwinn94 ) and it would mean a lot to both of us if you would go check it out.


  //Oh.. and before I go, in case anyone was confused from the last update, all it really was a small part/teaser of the sequel.//      

So other than that... all I have to say is...

I love you guys and I'll talk to you all soon. <3 Peace.


- That Clifford Kid.

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