My Brother's Best Friend | Calum Hood

One call could change a lot of this.
A single call could mean you have a baby in your family,
or it could mean you lost a family member,
or it could mean your going to miss an upcoming football game or UFC fight.

But in this case, my one call... basically changed my entire life.
I now know who I'm in love with... but I also know he's the one who will shatter my heart in millions of pieces.


4. ¥chapter three¥



Once we got to Calum's house, we just started watching random movies. From The Nightmare Before Christmas to Poltergeist.


"What time is it?" I asked Calum, yawning a little in the end because of how tired I was.

I haven't been this tired since Michael and I had once played video games for thirty eight hours nonstop.


"Eleven thirty seven," he replied, looking down at his phone, "you wanna go home?" He asked, looking up at me instead of his phone.

"Uh..." I mumbled, thinking about it. Should I go home to my older brother who will for sure interrogate me? Or stay will the my brother's best friend who sorta helped me get away from my ex boyfriend? I guess I'll take my chances.

"If you could... would you mind taking me home?" I asked, standing up of the couch we were sitting on.

"Yeah," Calum nodded, standing up and grabbed his keys off the coffee table in front of us.


We soon left and drove to my house. I don't know why, but the tension in the air felt so tense. It made me feel vulnerable for many reasons.

Minutes later, we got to my street. I asked Calum to park a couple houses back so Mike wouldn't see me getting out of his car.

"Thanks Cal," I murmured, getting out of the car, "for everything," I smiled weakly at him.

"Anytime Dani," he flashed me a quick smile as I closed the door.

I hid my blush as I walked off towards my house.


Once home, Mike was on the couch playing FIFA, like usual.

"Hey," I murmured, kicking my shoes off by the door.

"Hi," Mike murmured back, looking once my way before he went back to playing his game.


This is odd. Usually Mikey never lets me off the hook. There's always some sort of questions that asked when I'm off sneaking around.


"Okay this strange for the both of us," I said, going to sit on the other side of the couch.

"What is?" He asked, his mind probably wrapped around nothing but his game right now.

"No questions? No interrogation? No where the heck were you?" I asked him, crossing my arms over my chest as I looked at him questionably.

"You know I don't say heck," he said, "I say fuck or hell," he laughed.

"And you know I don't swear," I said back, trying not to laugh at him.

"Well you should try it sometimes," he recommended, "it's fun sometimes. Especially when you're around Ashton," he smirked.

"No," I shook my head, looking at the tv screen, "now back to my question," I said, changing the subject.

"The answer's no," he said, making me confused.

"What?" I asked him, furrowing my eyebrows, I looked back to him.

"I said no," he said, pausing him game.

"Why's that?" I questioned, "usually you always ask at least one question," I told him because, well, it was the truth.

"As much as I don't like having you be, like, thirteen anymore," he said but I cut him off.

"Why?" I smiled, "so you and the boys can lock me and Luke in your closet again?" I asked.

"Well you two did hate the obvious 'smell' I had in there," he said, putting air quotes around the word, "now back to what I was saying," he said. And I let him continue.

"You're going to be eighteen in a month and I realized how responsible you actually are." He said, "maybe even more responsible than me," he said.

"Well no duh," I laughed at him.

Mike just smiled and shook his head, "anyways... I'm letting you do what you want now. You don't need me to tell you what to do," he said.


Mentally I was torn in two. Half of me was glad he was letting me go off and do what I want. But the other half was sad he wasn't going to worry about me anymore.

"Oh," I mumbled, "that's cool," I forced a smile that I only half meant.

"Now," he said, handing me a controller, "brother sister time?" He suggested.

"Sure," I smiled, and we began playing.


An hour and a half later we decided to stop, seeing what the time is.

"It's only midnight, usually you're up later than this," I said, trying to hide the fact I was tired.

"I know," he said, "but I know you're not," he stood up off the couch, deciding to help me up, "so get to bed." He chuckled, walking up to his room.

I followed soon after.


As I changed out of my clothes and into a pair of pajama shorts and a tank, I got into bed. My phone buzzed once, signaling I had a text message.

I squinted at the bright light so I made the brightness to the dimmest it would go.

I was surprised to see who's contacted flashes across my screen. It was Calum.


"What'd he say?" It read.

I decided to reply.

"Nothing... he won't be doing anything like that anymore," I texted back.

"What do you mean?" He texted me a moment later.

"It means that he won't be asking me where I've been and stuff like that anymore." I sent to him.

"So now he just basically won't try to worry about somethings anymore?"

"I guess not," I texted him back.

"Well that must be cool," he texted me a minute later.

"I want to say yeah... but I also don't," I texted.

"Let me guess... you might miss having Mike worry about you?"

"No... I might miss MY BIG BROTHER caring about me. I don't wanna lose him. He's my brother of course," I texted him.

"You won't lose him Dani. He's your brother. He loves you." Calum sent back not a second later.

"I know," I texted him, not really knowing what to say.

"Hey, I'm gonna go to bed, I'm really tired," I sent him before he could reply.

"Okay, goodnight Dani," he sent.

"Night," I sent back quickly before shutting my phone off.


It took me a while before I finally got to sleep. Strangely I too much things on my mind. And the even stranger thing was that Calum was one of them.

I do like him, don't get me wrong. It's just, even if he liked me back, it wouldn't work out. He's Calum Hood. One of the most popular guys that were in my school. The guy every girl wants. The guy who can make a girl's first kiss one that'll be memorable. The guy who you'll wish to be with forever. Or at least that's what people tell me.

I grew up knowing a different version of Calum Hood. The guy who loves to cuddle. The guy who's in love with puppies. The guy that asks him mum how to cook like her. The guy who's afraid to screw things up. The guy who writes songs while he's at my house, hanging out with Mike. The Calum I grew up knowing is so different from the one everyone apparently knows.

I wonder if I'll ever meet that version of Calum. If that version even exists?

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