My Brother's Best Friend | Calum Hood

One call could change a lot of this.
A single call could mean you have a baby in your family,
or it could mean you lost a family member,
or it could mean your going to miss an upcoming football game or UFC fight.

But in this case, my one call... basically changed my entire life.
I now know who I'm in love with... but I also know he's the one who will shatter my heart in millions of pieces.


11. ¥chapter ten¥



 I'm so excited, my flight just landed. And according to the text I just received by Calum, he was waiting for me by the main entrance.

 I can't wait to see Michael and the rest of the boys. I'm also very nervous. I don't want to encounter any fans while on this trip.
 Yes, I know they're the ones who helped get 5SOS to where they are now but I'm still Daniella Clifford.

 An awkward shy kid who happens to be in love with her brother's best friend. Who wears the band tees her brother decides to buy her on tour. Who reads love stories her mother recommend to her every she heard of one. Who helps her older brother chose what color to dye his hair next. And the girl who no matter how famous her brother and his friends will get, still wants a private life no matter what.

 Wait a second... did I just say I'm in love with Calum? I'm not in love with Calum. I can't love him. He's twenty and I'm seventeen. There's nothing even happening between us.
 What the fuck am I talking about? Of course I'm in love with him. I love everything about him. I love his fluffy brown hair. His chocolate brown eyes. I love his plump lips. I love his body. I love his smile. I love his laugh. I love his personality. I love everything about him. I love the way he can make me smile. I love the way he makes me feel every time he looks my way.

 "You're Daniella Clifford, right?" I heard a voice to my right ask. I looked to see where the voice came from, seeing a girl my age. "Michael Clifford's little sister?" She asked me in a I'm-right-aren't-I sort of tone.
 "Uh-yeah. Yeah that's me." I murmured, becoming shy once again. I'm never usually like this.
 "Awesome. Can I get a picture?" She asked cheerfully.
 "Uh-" I paused, thinking about it for a minute. One selfie couldn't hurt right? "Sure." I told her, giving her a small smile.

 After the picture was taken, she thanked me quickly before running off towards a small group of girls.
 To be honest, I didn't really think any of Michael's fans knew who I was. I kinda thought I was just any other person to them. A no one.

 "Well hello Daniella Clifford," I heard a familiar Australian voice making himself acknowledged.
 "Hello Calum Thomas Hood," I smiled, turning around to see his tall form.
 He began leaning down to put his lips on mine, but I stopped him, placing my hand against his chest, pushing him back a little..
 He looked down at me confused.
 "I do believe you have some fans over there," I murmured, glancing over at the girl that asked to take a picture with me, along with her group.
 "Oh," he began backing up.
 I nodded, not really knowing what to say.
 "So-uh-" I watched as he scratched the back of his neck, "so how was your flight?" He asked, trying to make small talk.
 "It was okay." I mumbled in reply.
 It alternated to awkward silence really quickly.
 "Wanna go to the car?" Calum asked, breaking the silence.
 I nodded, lifting the duffle bag I stole from Michael, slinging the strap over my shoulder. I followed Calum out of the airport and to his car.
 As soon as we got in, I leaned over the console and captured his lips on mine.
 "Still gonna make me take back calling you Butthead?" I asked once I pulled away, a little smirk on my lips.
 "Exactly," he smirked back at me, "just wait till we get to the house."
 I kissed his lips once again before I say back in my seat.

 The ride to the 5SOS house was faster than I expected. Calum parked the car quickly. I reached for the door handle to get out when suddenly I felt hands on my waist, lifting me into the air. I straddled Calum's waist as he put his lips on mine. I returned the kiss, placing my hands on his shoulders. I gasped as I felt his hands travel from me waist to my bum, squeezing the skin in his hands. He took this opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth, battling for dominance. Of course, he won. My breath hitched in my throat when he gripped my hips, grinding them into his own. His lips traveled to my neck and he began sucking and biting on certain places until he found my soft spot.
 "Calum." I moaned his name quietly.
 He pulled away automatically after he heard that, a smirk on his lips.
 "You're a dick," I said, climbing off of him and into the passenger seat.
 "You loved every second of it," he chuckled as I grabbed my bag from the backseat, getting out of the car.
 "Fuck off Hood," I told him, closing the car door.
 "Whatever you say Clifford." He mimicked me as we began making our way into house.


"Dani!" I heard Mike, Luke, and Ashton scream as Calum and I walked through the front door.

"Hey," I laughed as I watched Michael run over to me, Luke jump over the couch, and Ashton almost trip as he ran towards me.

The three all pulled me into a group hug, I was being smashed in the middle of the three.

"I wanna be apart of this," Calum exclaimed as the three boys were shouting and screaming for no reason.

"No, Ashton and I seen you and Dani making out in the car, so fuck off," Luke told him and Ash just laughed.

"What?" Michael asked, not hearing what Luke said.

"Nothing!" Luke, Ash, Calum, and myself all shouted in unison.

"Okay then," he laughed at the four of us.

"Hey Mike, we still have to go." Ashton said to Michael as soon as the group hug was over.

"Go? Go where?" I asked. I just got here, I didn't want him to leave already.

"Shit. I forgot," Mike muttered under his breath but I still managed to hear it, "we all have to write today. Ash and I have to go to the studio while the Madden Brother's will come here and write the Cal and Luke." He informed me.

"Oh," I mumbled. Well I guess I'll be alone today.


I turned around to walk upstairs.

"Where are you going?" I heard Mike and Cal ask in sync.

"Upstairs," I said, running up the stairs before either of them could say another word. I found Mike's room and set my stuff in there.


I should've remembered that they spend most of their time writing, performing, and doing interviews. Being on tour with these boys could go either way right now. It could be really fun and cool considering I get to hang out with my brother more often. Or it could be really boring and suck considering they're busy a lot.

I guess I'll just have to wait and find out how this goes.



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