My Brother's Best Friend | Calum Hood

One call could change a lot of this.
A single call could mean you have a baby in your family,
or it could mean you lost a family member,
or it could mean your going to miss an upcoming football game or UFC fight.

But in this case, my one call... basically changed my entire life.
I now know who I'm in love with... but I also know he's the one who will shatter my heart in millions of pieces.


7. ¥chapter six¥


It was almost dark. Luke left a while ago and now it was just Calum and myself. We were currently playing a video game. I can't remember the name Calum told me it was called.

I did get tons of 'lessons' from Michael on how to properly play a game, but I was losing at the moment by five points.

I smirked, getting an idea that would distract Calum.

He was sitting on the floor between my legs so my plan wouldn't be to hard to achieve.

I leant down and began pressing light kisses to his neck, knowing this distracts him easily. I made sure to keep my eyes on the screen. Yes I was in a very awkward position but it'll be worth it.

"Dani, what're you-" he started but his breathing hitched once I pressed my lips on his jawline.

I smirked, seeing his character stop for a minute before he continued playing.

In that sort period of time I gained five points, tying with Calum. We had to reach twenty five points and so far I just got three more while he only got one.

I kissed my way towards his mouth, my eyes never leaving the tv. I smiled, seeing that Calum basically gave up, his controller on the ground, his hands gripping his knees. I gained two more points.

"Game over," read the screen.

I pulled away from Calum.

"I win," I whispered in his ear.

Before I even could take in what was happening, Calum was towering over me, his lips on mine, his arms on either side of my head as I sat back on the couch.

He bit my bottom lip, taking the skin between his teeth. I whimpered against his mouth.

He quickly pulled away and stood up.

"I won," he smirked down at me.

"Fuck you Hood," I groaned, running my hand through my dark hair.

"You wish Princess," he chuckled deeply.

I don't know why, but I'm really starting to like this pet name he's giving me. It's actually quite cute. Well to me that is.

"Hey... the boys and I have an interview with Shazam, wanna come and hang out?" He asked, grabbing my hands, pulling me to my feet.

"What about Michael?" I asked hesitantly.

"What can he do?" He shrugged, "remember he told you that he was going to let you do what you want now," he asked buy it came out more of a statement.

"Yeah I know, I just don't want him to hurt you," I spoke the truth.

"I won't get hurt," he assured me, wrapping his arms around me. I was very skeptical at this statement. His voice sounded convincing, but his eyes told another story. "I'll be fine Dani. Come with me," he leant down and pecked my lips.

"Fine," I agreed to go, "but what am I going to wear?" I asked, "I can't go in your shirt and my spandex," I stated the obvious.

"Mali might have some old clothes upstairs... you can borrow some of those," he told me.

"Okay," I murmured.

"Yeah... if you want you can shower and I'll leave some clothes on the bathroom for you," he offered.

"Yeah sure," I nodded.

He let go of my waist and I made my way upstairs to the bathroom across the hall from Calum's room.

I turned the water on, waited for it to turn on, stripped, and got in.

I signed in relief as the hot water cascaded down my back.

I heard the door open once and close afterwards but I didn't chose to pay much attention to the sound.

Once I was done showering, I dried myself off and looked at the clothes Calum provided me with.

A black and white Aztec zip-up crop top and black skinny jeans.

I quickly changed. Surprisingly, I fit Mali's clothes perfectly.

I towel dried and fixed my hair quickly.

I walked out of the bathroom and into Calum's room. I wanted to see if he was in here but he wasn't. I seen he had a couple beanies on his dresser. Two black ones, a maroon one, and a gray one.

I smiled and decided to grab a black beanie. I put it on, left his room and walked downstairs.

There he was, looking in a small mirror that was by the front door, fixing his hair.

I giggled at him. He looked my way, trying to pretend I didn't just catch him. He smiled at me when he seen his beanie placed upon my head.

"Come 'ere," he motioned for me to walk over to him.

I was confused, but still walked over to him.

He began messing with my--his beanie. Once he seemed satisfied with himself, he smiled, his arms falling to his sides.

"Perfect," he smiled, looking at his work.

I smiled and shook my head, looking down.

He laughed.

"Shit," he suddenly swore.

"What's wrong?" I asked confused.

"I didn't realize the time. We gotta go," he grabbed his keys and my hand, pulling me outside, locking the front door behind him.

As soon as we got into his car, he pulled out of the driveway, and drove quickly.

A green light suddenly flashed to red. Calum slammed on the breaks and I flew forward, my hands landing on the dashboard, stopping me from hitting my chest against it.

"Cal... so what you're a couple minutes late," I breathed, "they're your friends... they'll understand," I told him.

The red light flashes to green and he was off, "well when your brother is going to be there and he'll possibly be knowing you'll be coming with me," he paused, "there is a possibility he'll find a way to get the other boys to be mad at me," his voice sounded quite rushed, almost as fast as his driving.

Before I could even think of what I was doing, I grabbed Calum's hand in mine, intertwining our fingers.

"It'll be fine," I assured him, running my hand over the back of his hand.

The rest of the short ride, we just talked about random things that came to mind. When we pulled up to the building, the other boys were just getting out of Michael's car. Calum parked the car next to Michael's.

When I got out, Michael was there, glaring at Calum.

"You stayed at his, didn't you?" He asked me, his voice angry.

"Well where was she supposed to go? She seemed too afraid to go home," Calum spoke up.

Michael looked away from Calum and at me.

"I'm your older brother, Daniella. Why would you need to be afraid to go home?" He asked me, his voice seeming much softer than when he first started talking.

"You know what happened to me... you know why I don't like seeing people get hurt... and yesterday it was all my fault," I murmured, looking down at the ground, kicking some pebbles with my Vans.

I shyly looked up at all of them. Luke, Ashton, and Calum looked confused. Michael looked hurt and sad at the same time.

"Boys! One minute!" Someone yelled from the door.

"We'll catch up, you guys go ahead," Michael told the three boys. Ashton nodded. Luke and Ash began walking to the door, Calum trailing slowly behind them.

"I'm sorry about yesterday," Michael apologized, "I just don't want you getting hurt anymore," he said.

I was confused, "anymore?" I asked.

"Calum told me about Jayden," he told me.

I mouthed a quick, "oh," but didn't say anything.

"Now come on," he nodded his head towards the building, "after the interview we'll have some "brother sister time"," he laughed, putting air quotes around the word.

I laughed too.

I'm gonna miss him when he's off on tour. Especially since they're leaving in a three days.


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