Gracefully Destructive

There's always a calm after the storm, but when will this storm end?


4. Where Is My Horse

 I woke up at 2:00 pm, I got 10 hours of sleep, and boy did I need it! Now i'm heading out to the Silver Creek Ranch, I didn't quite like the caretaking out there, I'm afraid my horses aren't being taken well care of, that's why I'm moving them to my new place, away from Kristina, she doesn't know anything about horses, but she likes to say shes an equestrian. She's one of those people. Time to drive out there I guess, it's a good thing I have my license and my own car, a black BMW. It will take 30 minutes to town, and another 15 to the barn, so I should get there around 3:00 pm...

*skip car ride*

Ah, I'm finally here, the smell of hay and the whinnys of horses greet me as I step out of my car. The gravel crunching under my worn converse. I can see Artemis in her tll pen, she jumps any other fence, but where is Athena, she's supposed to be in pasture nest to Artemis, but I don't see her. I have to find Kristina. 

"KRISTINA" I yell when I see her, somehow, stomping and running at the same time, "WHERE IS MY HORSE" I yell again, clearly worried, and I can't see her face, I think that's even making it worse. 

"About that..." She says as she slowly turns around, I know this isn't going to be good. "She sorta jumped the fence and ran off."

"KRISTINA HOW DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN YOU ARE HERE TO STOP THIS SORT OF THING!" I yell frustrated and on the verge of tears, I need my horse.

"Well, I was going to call yo-" 

"Well how did she get out in the first place?!" I inquire

"Jumped." She states simply, Athena is a calm horse, she never freaks out, or does anything like this. 

"Why would she do that? She's never done this in the years I've had her!"

"I don't know." By now I can see that kristy here isn't going to be any help, 

"I'm going to tack up and go find my horse." and with that I leave, I tack up english show style, AKA FAST, I brushed off Artemis, picked her hooves, threw on a light saddle pad, a thin line, the saddle, girth, bridle, and a martingale. I rush back to the tack room, grab a lead rope, a halter, and extra rope just in case, put them in a side bag, finally I mount from the ground and canter off, all in 5 minutes. Thats a record I think to myself, now to find my horse. 

*Time skip 3 hours*

I'm about to give up, I have seen my horse yet today, its almost 7 and I haven't eaten all day, I'll just check over

this hil- WAIT, 

"Oh my god, Athena." There she was, trotting over the hill, then another horse came into veiw, all I can see are their silhouettes but I know that's Athena. I trot up on Artemis, and I'm shocked at what I see. Athena is with an all black, rouge, mustang, and most shockingly, is the bright, impossible blue of his eyes. I want to keep him, but I can't, he's probably allowed out here. So I put athena's halter on and clip the lead rope. I remount and start to walk down the hill with athena in tow. when we reach Silver Creek, we stop and I put them in the high pen to star loading the trailer, I hear the crunching of gravel behind me. I expect it to be kristina, so I ignore it, that's when I get shoved into the trailer. when I turn, my eyes meet strikingly blue ones.


Silhouettes of the horses


 Black Horse

Horse's Eyes







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