Gracefully Destructive

There's always a calm after the storm, but when will this storm end?


2. Stormy Skys

"Riley!" Came the familiar yelling of my mother,

"Yes mom I'm coming!" I sigh, my Dad's down there for the first time in awhile, and I don't think that bodes well for me.

You see, my parents split, they're divorced. Not to mention, I'm not their favorite child, and I'm their only child.. I run down the stairs rather cautiously, afraid of what I might find. I walk down the stairs, cautiously, before reaching the bottom step my mother starts to glare at me.

"We want you out." my father states.

"Neither of us want you, so you have to move out" my mother speaks, her words like knives.

"Um, I'm only seventeen.... I still have to graduate high school" I exclaim!

"And you can do that, out of the house" my mother screams.

"And you're paying for it yourself" my father informs.

"Be out before we wake up tomorrow, we don't want to see you after that"

Oh, there's the kicker. 

"Fine." I say,because I know it's not worth fighting and I need all the time I can get.

I dialed my best friends, Caleb, Ashley, and Michael.

"THEY WHAT" yelled the three of them when they got to my house, luckily my parents left after informing me of the fact they never wanted to see me again.

"Come on, I have to pack", I said.

"Hey Ashley?" I asked as we went up the stairs.

 "Yea?" she said, sounding a bit pissed.

"Can you start looking at apartments for me? Online" I asked?

"No problem." She replied, a bit calmer this time.

When we got to my room and started packing, my gbf, Caleb broke the silence."This is like, so inconsiderate of them."

I half-laughed, "Yeah I guess," I paused, not wanting to diss on my parents too much, after all, they are my parents.

"But I guess it is about time for me to move out anyway." I finished, "even though they are my parents doesn't mean that they can't be mean bitches. If they want me out, then I guess I am better off with out them".

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