Gracefully Destructive

There's always a calm after the storm, but when will this storm end?


3. Ready 2 Go

I left in the middle of the night, at 3:02 am to be exact, I silently left the house the drive 30 miles to my new home. Ashley had found a cozy ranch for me, I know, I know. We were going to get an apartment, but then we found this house and I knew it was for me. It needs a little fixing up, and even though my family is pretty rich, it was relatively cheap. Of course I stole my mom's credit card, she said I had to pay for it myself, so I will. WIth her credit card,


I think to myself. Anyway, the house itself is a two bedroom ranch house, with a large kitchen and dining room, a smaller living room, two bathrooms, a basement + an attic, and a gravel drive. Coming with the house it a medium sized round pen, perfect for lunging, some woods with a pond in a clearing, and wooded trails. I plan to build an outdoor arena too of course. Now I just need to unpack and move my horses out here. My horses are two mares, Artemis and Athena. As you can probably tell, I love the greek mythology, it was my favorite subject in my junior year. Artemis resembles the moonlight in the mythology, she was also a fierce hunter. So Artemis is my young, perky, silver buckskin. Now Athena, she was a calm, level headed goddess, and quite smart. Athena is my beautiful yet striking, calm, smart, tiger coated mare. Right now they are at the Silver Creek Ranch, so I have to go and get them tomorrow, well, later today. First, I need some sleep. So I wander around until I find my bedroom, and I pass out.




*Getting horses in the next chapter, sorry  its so short!*

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