Gracefully Destructive

There's always a calm after the storm, but when will this storm end?


5. Holy Hades

Why is this horse here right now. Did he follow me? No, he was following Athena, and I'll bet that he's the reason she jumped the fence. She's never done that before, he must be pretty important I guess. I have enough space in my trailer to take him, and I have enough stalls at home... Not to mention I have been looking for a new horse. Artemis and Athena are great, but I want to train a green horse. I guess, this one might be okay, I don't know if he's green or not, either way he looks great, even though hes a bit think and rugged looking. I think he'd be a great horse. That settles it. I'm taking him. If he will let me of course. What am I saying, I will get this horse in the trailer. I walk to the large pen, and sure enough, he follows me and walks into the pen after me, but as soon as he is inside, he goes to the fence closest to Athena.

I shut the gate and start calling, I call Caleb, Ashley, and Michael, when they are on their way I call another special friend, he can help too. Once they are all here, I tell the, the plan. Ashleys an equestrian, she knows what she's doing. So she is going to be in the trailer pulling on the lead rope, while I and Stiles get a lead rope and dressage crops and flank his rear while wrapping the lead rope around behind the horse and pulling forward to urge him to move, finally, Caleb and Michael will get lead ropes and stand back while waving them around and clicking. When he loads, I will run around to catch his head when Ashley hands me the lead rope through the "window" while we are doing that, the three boys move up to block the exit. Last but not least, the boys stand at the exit and I have to hold his head while ashley secures him in place. But before we can do all of this, first, I want them all to wear helmets just in case, and riding boots, then I need to lead Artemis, then Athena, then I need to get a halter on him. 


Athena and Artemis were not hard to load, now I just need to get the halter on him, and I need to find a name for him... Alright lets get this halter on him. When I went out to him he shied away, but I brought some horse cookies, when he saw those he trotted right over. I fed him one and whilst doing that I tried to slip on the halter. However, he saw that coming, he quickly lifted his head out of my reach, bobbing it up and down through the air. Thankfully, the lure of the treats brought his head back around, this went on for 10 minutes, when I finally clasped the lead rope to the newly fitted halter and started leading him to the trailer as a slow pace.

He did NOT like the trailer, it was like it was going to swallow him whole, I think that Athena waiting inside provided a little comfort, but not enough. He reared, and bucked, tried to take off in all directions EXCEPT for the way we wanted him to go, I ended up flying, twice, once when I grabbed his halter to calm him down and he tossed me. The other was the turned and kicked in my direction, he connected with my chest and I flew, when I hit the ground, it was like a truck. I couldn't breathe and things were blurry, I should probably go get this checked out.

"But I don't like doctors and I need my horse in this damn trailer!" I think to myself. So I jump up, and get back to my position, finally after an hour of this, he loads, exhausted. I run around to catch his head, and through the window I see Ashley securing him and making sure he didn't get beat up. Finally, I can get home. 

"Thanks guys, get some rest and I'll call you tomorrow" I smile and wave as they get in their cars, it's late now, 9:00, Its dark as well, time to head home I think, and I flip on the radio and pull out of the gravel drive, trailer in tow.

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