Gracefully Destructive

There's always a calm after the storm, but when will this storm end?


6. Can I Make It Home?

It started raining on my way home. -_- I could hear my new horse in the trailer freaking out, that's normal of course, and it would be okay if I didn't have Artemis in there as well, he was spooking her. Athena was pretty chill though. I was going 50 out on the highway to my house, I should have been more careful. Hydroplaning starts at 35, and I had horses in the trailer, I knew at once, I was going to lost control, skidding over water, the highway was empty because I was in the country at NIGHT. So i took my foot off the gas pedal, as I was slowly putting my foot on the brake, but  I pressed too hard, 

"SHIT!" I yelled, and we were spinning doughnuts on the highway. Fearful of the horses, I started slowly spinning the wheel in the opposite direction we were spinning as a counteraction. It was slowly working, and we were straightening out. Then I started applying the brake once more. And we came to a stop, the airbag didn't even go off. Probably because there was no impact. 

I cautiously start back on the way home, this time staying under 35 so I'm not hydroplaning. 

"Great, I'm never getting that horse into another trailer." I think to myself as I continue to drive.


I pull into my "new" driveway, I can hear the horses stomping around in the trailer as we come to a stop. Here we go, I left their halters on for a reason. I cautiously open the door and I am greeted by 3 pairs of eyes. As I looked around, I realized that the stallions feed bag is on the floor, it was spread everywhere, there were muddy hoofprints on the wall where he had kicked. In short, it looked like hell. Thats it, thats his name! No, not hell. But Hades, The keeper of the underground, or hell, in greek mythology. Hades it is. I clip on the lead rope, and unlock his 'stall' leading him out, he's hesitant to step off, but his eagerness to get out wins him over.  Where should I put him? I will just put him in a stall for now. I have seven anyway. 

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