Lonely Souls

The Sequel to "Hands, Bands, and Other Trends." It's just whatever I've written down during my hiatus and whatever comes to mind whenever insomnia wants to be a jerk.


2. What Are You Doing?

It's eleven at night and

I can't see the stars.

They're blocked by

Man-made deities

And no one knows why they're lost.


It's midnight in your home

And you don't remember when

You ate more than your fair share.

It's all crumbling in again.


It's one in the morning and

I'm tired of being alone.

Can I come to your house

If I promise to never make a sound? I

Won't say a word about the

Choking sobs or the scars

That weren't there a week ago.


The sun is slowly rising and there

Is an artist who's out of time. His

Masterpiece was finished years ago

But no one saw. The brilliance of his

Art shined brighter than the sun

Reflecting off the barrel of

His ice-cold gun.

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