Lonely Souls

The Sequel to "Hands, Bands, and Other Trends." It's just whatever I've written down during my hiatus and whatever comes to mind whenever insomnia wants to be a jerk.


34. Screw Punctuation I Do What I Want

I'm tired and speechless

But the voices in my head are endless

They tell stories of mermaids and dragons

Inns and taverns

And sometimes I would just like to sleep

But the restlessness always keeps

So my exhaustion stays fresh in my mind

And the mythical beasts appear in line

There are scary demons and nice lights

Most days and many nights

I've learned to ignore the tones

Of the voices that don't belong

"You're crazy!" "You're mad..."

At least I know where the comma's at

Punctuation aside, I've lost my theme

I'm sure mental distress isn't what I mean-

Meant- because we're being proper now

You'd think I've written enough to take a bow

But I've been losing so much sleep

And I'm not who I want to be

I'll leave this here at this

The next chapter will come swift-


Because we're talking properly


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