Lonely Souls

The Sequel to "Hands, Bands, and Other Trends." It's just whatever I've written down during my hiatus and whatever comes to mind whenever insomnia wants to be a jerk.


32. I'm Serious About the Wind-up Clock

There is this clock, you see

And it is very important to me

It has been passed down for generations

It is more valuable than the gold of any nation

Because it was a gift of love from grandpa

To Bigma

And I need it to work for me

I just can't find the answers for free

-You see


Everyone has said, "Oh, let me try"

But they don't understand I can't let that fly

This clock is quite precious to me

It has always belonged in my family

To part ways with it is unheard of, you see

To leave it in another's care is heresy!

I can't betray the honor bestowed

Upon me, but before I've known

I was never taught how to keep it fit

And it's slowly dying bit by bit


So, is there anyone out there who can help out

I know it's a weird request right now

But like I've said quite a lot

I adore this wind-up clock

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