Lonely Souls

The Sequel to "Hands, Bands, and Other Trends." It's just whatever I've written down during my hiatus and whatever comes to mind whenever insomnia wants to be a jerk.


21. "I Will Eventually Stop Blaming Musicians," I Say as I Glare Upon the Kaleo Cover Art

Tell me, do you know?

How far are you willing to go?

Until your hands are bloodied and broken?

Until every word isn't left unspoken?

Until there is no part of you left untouched?

Until there is no part of you left I could love?

Oh, beloved, tell me: I am the beast

That way, at least

You can remain the beauty in this tale

And maybe your beauty isn't a veil


I will play your monster, if it's for you

I know the things that villains do

That's how far I'm willing to go

But do you know? Do you know?

Do we get what we deserve?

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