Fairy Tail: A New Tale.

On his way back to the guild from a job Gildarts picks a fight with a black haired girl. She may be small but she's definitely not weak.


2. Welcome to Fairy Tail


Welcome to Fairy Tail


"Aye! Natsu! Gray!" I yelled at the two boys who were tearing up the guild hall once again. "Spiky haired jerk!" "Underwear Freak!" I sighed realizing there was no purpose in trying to split the two."Lu-chan!"

"Ah Levy! Hey what's up?" I said turning to see Levy and her bright blue hair. "Well I've been reading your story and so far it's absolutely amazing! I love the part when you describe how he gets his powers. It's so cool!" Levy went on about the story I'd been writing and I was just happy she enjoyed it. Suddenly I hear the familiar sound of the Gildarts Shift. I gripped the table as the building began shaking.

"Gildarts is back!!" Natsu leaped from his fight with Gray and ran to the door of the guild, as the rest of the guild got the drinks out. Cana clearly knowing whats about to happen chugs down a whole keg. Everyone is celebrating since Gildarts has been gone since the the Tenrou island incident. Everyone is very festive, that is until Gildarts actually gets inside of the guild and immediately calls for Wendy. I notice Gildarts is carrying a fragile body. I look closer and see it's a girl, clearly injured

"What happened to her?!" Wendy asked as Gildarts laid her down and lifted a little of her shirt to show a purple-ish glow. One that looked all too familiar. I glanced at Erza who's eyes were wide as well as Natsu's and Gray's. Wendy noticed it too but wasn't hesitant, she immediately started to heal the unconscious girl. "It's not working at all." she said. Erza jumped in the way and extracted the venom straight from the source. 

"AH!" The girl screamed feeling the pain. "Wendy!" Erza called as she spit out more venom. Wendy used her magic to keep the girl out of pain. After awhile Erza stopped. "That should be all the venom." Wendy nodded. "It is she is healing now when I use my ma-ah" Wendy stopped using her magic. "what's wrong Wendy?" Erza asked. "S-she's healing herself." "The venom must have been keeping her from healing." Erza said. "We should probably get her somewhere safer than the middle of the guild hall." she added. "I'll take care of her. She's my problem after all." Erza nodded. Then everyone felt a strong amount of magic power. I looked at the girl laying down, could this be hers?. Erza could feel it, you could tell by the look on her face. Even Gramps was shocked. Gildarts lifted the girl and left the guild. I looked at everyone in the guild. Everyone's face said the same thing, was that magic power coming from her?

"I wanna fight her!" Natsu said breaking the silence. "Natsu are you crazy! You felt it too didn't you!?" I yelled and he looked at me strange. "So what?" I looked at him crazy. "Hey guys! Who was the puny one with Gildarts?" Laxus said entering the guild with the thunder legion. "We don't know." Mira told him, he looked at her then back out the door.




When I woke up everything was blurry and fuzzy. I had no idea where I was, or what had happened. All I remember is passing out when he mentioned something about a town called Magnolia. I heard some other voices here and there but my brain was everywhere. I opened my eyes to find myself indoors and warm. There was heat nearby and I wasn't being carried anymore. I sat up slowly, looking around. "So your finally up?" I looked toward the voice, the old man sat down in a chair. "Where am I?" I asked "My house. I'll take you to meet everyone a little later right now you need to relax. Luckily, Wendy and Erza were able to get that venom out of you." He said getting low on the last part. "Who?" I asked.

"Don't worry you'll meet them later and you can properly thank them. Also, don't leave. It's best if you stick around a little while so you can fully recover. Heck, you might even like it here." he said. I put my head in my knees. "Not like I have anywhere else to go." I whispered, I knew he heard me but luckily he didn't press on. He stood up suddenly making me jump from the sound.

"On second thought let's go meet everyone now before they all go home for the day." he said and I shrugged. "Fine." We left the small house and walked across a river like thing and to a tall building. Walking in I looking up at the sign above the gate. "FAIRY TAIL" it read. I entered the building and immediately had to duck from a flying fireball. As I stood up I looking to where the fireball had come from and saw a young boy maybe 11 or 12 years old with dark blue hair. I gave the kid the meanest scariest look I could and his eyes widened. I smirked until I realized his eyes weren't the only wide ones. Everyone was staring at me. 

"I told you guys already I call first fight!" A spiky pink haired boy yelled running straight at me. He stopped as he got closer to me. His arms quickly wrapped around himself and he dropped to the floor trying to warm himself. "S-s-s-so c-c-cold." he stuttered. "For someone who wants to pick a fight you seem pretty pathetic." I let a small laugh slip, I felt a thump on the back of my head and saw grandpa glaring at me. "What?! I wasn't going to just let him take the first hit." I said and dropped my defense reaching my hand to help the pink haired boy. "I'm Sophie. And you?" he took my hand and smiled. "Natsu Dragneel." Before I could respond.

"Hi, I'm Levy." A girl with blue hair said next to me, I smiled at her. "That kid with the fire is Romeo. That's his dad Macao and his best friend Wakaba. Jet and Droy on Levy's team. Max, Warren, Nab, Laki, that guys name I don't know but is always over there dancing, Reedus, Kinana." Grandpa said pointing at every person he was talking about. "The almighty thunder legion with Laxus, Evergreen, Freed and Bickslow, then there's Lisanna, Elfman and Mirajane which are all related." He said as I looked at all the people trying to match names with faces. "That's Erza and Wendy the two who saved you earlier today, with Wendy is that white cat her name is Charle, The blue cat is Natsu's, his name is Happy. Over there you have Gajeel and his black cat Panther Lily. The blonde there is Lucy. The girl over there glaring at you is Juvia." I glanced over at the pillar becoming slightly crept out. I looked at Gildarts confused. "She's got a crush on that guy over there, he is Gray and last but certainly not least is my beloved daughter Cana!" he said running over to the girl drinking a whole keg. "CANA darling!" he said as she pushed him off. "Ew get off old man!" I laughed. "Told you your old!" I said and looked back at the guy he called Gray. Something about him was interesting, suddenly I felt a chill run up my back I turned and saw that creepy girl. "Romantic Rival!" she yelled making me walk away quickly. I noticed two people Gildarts hadn't mentioned. An old small man coughed. "GILDARTS how dare you forget about your guild master during the introduction!" The old man yelled making Gildarts fall over. The old man then turned to me. "Anyway, I'm Makarov the guild master." I nodded then looked at the girl behind him. "Who's she?" I pointed at the girl and everyone looked at me shocked, even Gildarts. "Wait you can see her!?!" he yelled, I nodded slowly. The girl walked up to me and smiled then reached her hand out for me. "Hi. I'm Mavis Vermillion. Welcome to Fairy Tail."





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