Fairy Tail: A New Tale.

On his way back to the guild from a job Gildarts picks a fight with a black haired girl. She may be small but she's definitely not weak.


1. The Girl with Slick Black Hair


The Girl with Slick Black Hair


As I walked through several towns on my way back to Magnolia, I noticed a girl. She ran up to a clerks stand when he wasn't looking and took an apple from his supply. Before he had the time to turn back around she started to run quickly. She cut down an alley so the clerk didn't notice her. I followed the girl down the alley. The closer I got to the girl the stronger the pressure in the air got. Almost as if it was crushing the air particles. Not only did the air pressure increase but the air was thin and icy almost as if it could start snowing any second, though it's the middle of the summer.

"You know it's not right to steal." I said before I saw her icy blue eyes and slick black hair. Her glare gave me chills. "Who are you to tell me what right and whats wrong? Your not my dad are you?" She said biting into the apple. "I didn't say I was. But if you continue your going to get caught one day." I said getting a little frustrated. "Thanks but I can take care of myself, old man." she said and I tried to keep my temper. "For your information kid I'm only 40 years old." I stated.

"Almost three times my age. So as I said Old MAN!" "Alright you little brat! You listen here! I'm not old just older than you. So please refrain from calling me o-" "You done talking grandpa?" "Tch." I had finally lost my tolerance for the kid in front of me. "For your information! I'm old enough to only be your father! And you have no right to call me names you little thief! Not only that but you've got a horrible little mouth on you! I outta teach you a lesson!" I snapped. I watched her expression change in my last sentence. 

"You? Teach me a lesson? What you going to teach me? What it takes to throw out your back?" She snickered. That's when I figured out why the air was so thin. This pressure can only be described as magic power. The fact I can feel it means this small girl has incredible magic power. I put my hand on top of her head. "So what's your mag-" Suddenly I was thrown into a cart . I couldn't figure out what had happened. I looked up and saw the girl stomping over to me nearly pissed off. I stood quickly realizing she had knocked me over here.

"Hey you little brat tha-" I saw her leg rise and she whispered something before slamming thin cold ice and her very own leg down on my head. "Don't touch me again, Grand-pa." she said slowly with a sideways smile. I stood up slowly trying to shake off her hit. She was definitely stronger than any of the guys back at Fairy Tail, but the words she whispered caught my attention. 

"OW!" I looked over and saw the girl in pain on the ground. She was clutching the side of her stomach. I walked over slightly still in pain. As I got closer I saw a purple-ish glow coming from underneath the end of her shirt, the area she was holding in pain. I acted quickly and picked her up over my shoulder. "Ah! What are you doing!? I told you not to touch me! Let me go!" "Shut up! your clearly in pain. You don't have time to be complaining. And besides what kind of person would I be if I didn't help you get that treated." I told the girl, she silently agreed and looked away from me. 

"I'm Sophie." She whispered. "Gildarts."



So we've been working on this little project a while now. It's our own special character designed into our favorite anime ever! And if you've been watching Fairy Tail lately you understand why it's necessary to publish this now. I can't believe whats happening OMG guy OMG. These Tartarous Chapter episodes are killing me inside!


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