Fairy Tail: A New Tale.

On his way back to the guild from a job Gildarts picks a fight with a black haired girl. She may be small but she's definitely not weak.


3. Come On Fight Me


Come On Fight Me


Everyone was staring at me, I could feel the anxiety start to build up. "Aye! Come on fight me!" I turned and saw the Natsu complaining. "Why would I do that? You guys are being so nice to me, it'd be rude if I beat you up." I told him and he got mad "Hey! Nobody said you were going to win! What if I beat you up then what!?" he shouted making me laugh. "If you can beat me then I'll stay here." I told him and he started to run full speed toward me, suddenly Gildarts lifted him into the air, stopping him. "Hey! Gildarts put me down! Come On! Put me down!" He yelled hitting and punching the old man. 

"Fight him. And like you said if you win you can leave and not have anything to do with us. However, if Natsu beats you, then you have to join the guild and deal with us everyday." The gizzer said I glared at him but sighed. "So if I beat up the fire freak you will let me leave? And you won't have anything to do with me after that?" I asked and he nodded. I smirked. "Alright then Let's go hothead." I said walking outside of the guild. 

Natsu followed outside along with most of the guild members. Before I could think Natsu was running full speed at me,flame in hand. I froze for a moment, then focused and dodged his several punches of fire. Finally I got him when his hand went to far and his face was close to mine. I grabbed his arm and flipped him over me. I covered my leg in ice, raised it and slammed it down on Natsu, only to be stopped. His hands were on my leg and melted the ice and burned me. 

"OW!" I jumped back now with a small burn. I looked at the flame haired boy in front of me. His strength defiantly exceeded is knowledge. Suddenly he threw his head back. "Fire Dragon...Roar!" Quickly I put my arms in X formation creating a shield in front of me. "Isn't that the stance for Ice shell?" I heard someone whisper from the crowd of guild members. Natsu saw my stance and stopped. "What are you doing?!" he yelled freaking out, I smirked. "You let your guard down." I said running full speed at him I raised my arm to punch. Just as the distance between us closed ice cold air formed in front of my fist. "Ice dragon Iron Fist!" I called before impacted with the body in front of me.

His body went flying, crashing into a rock. I turned and looked at Gildarts. "Don't turn your back on a fight." I turned back and saw Natsu getting back up. I sighed getting frustrated. Before he could attack back I heard a yell. "Aye Natsu!" I turned to the sound as did Natsu. "Natsu!" the voice called again. I looked at where the voice was coming from, a blonde boy.

He ran straight up to Natsu the two immediately taking swings on each other. I stood there completely confused. I looked down to see a small red cat. I looked up at the blonde boy who was now fighting Natsu. "What the hell?" I said breaking up their fight. "Oh sorry. Sophie this is Sting, that over there is Rogue. Lector and Frosch." He said pointing to the blonde, a creepy dude with a lot of black on, the red cat and a frog?


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