A day in the life of phan IN PARIS!

Attention all phandom members! This fanfic DOES include phan. So if you ship it, you've come to the right place.

DAN keeps having nightmares. Mostly they include losing Phil. He doesn't want to tell Phil for the fear of frightening him. But also to keep his feelings for him a secret.

PHIL is unaware of Dan's nightmares, but is more interested on the trip they are taking. Paris, France! Phil hopes that this could be an opportunity to tell Dan how he really feels about him, but fears he will be rejected.

Will both get an opportunity to reveal the truth? Or will their secrets remain a secret?


3. Our tour guide and the cat

A/N: I was just informed that France was attacked, so I'm sorry to all phan members if you think I'm sending them to their doom (which I'm not). It's just an average day going to Paris. 


Dan's POV

Phil sat to the right of Dan and looked out the window as they took off. Then he turned to Dan and asked,"was it really necessary?" He pointed to his face he black whiskers drawn on his face. 

"Obviously. If I didn't that wouldn't be a very Dan thing of me to do."


the flight was felt long considering that France was just south of the United Kingdom. But Dan was happy just spending time with Phil. Even though he spent most of his time reading a book, just his presence kept him sane. Since the flight was going to take about an hour more, Dan decided to go to sleep. Big mistake.

Nightmares invaded again, but Phil still didn't comeback. Was this some sort of signal that was trying to warn Dan? Or was his brain just messing with him? He body started shaking all of a sudden and that's when he woke up. "Dan! Dan!" It was Phil. "Wake up! We're here!"

Dan rubbed his eyes and and looked outside the window. 'Paris was beautiful, But not Phil beautiful' he thought. "What did you say Dan?" Phil asked Dan. Crap. "Nothing. Did you say something?" 

"No. I mean besides the question I just asked, no."

Phew, close call. 

Within fifteen minutes the plane has stopped and they got their luggage and went to the pick-up area to meet their tour guide. They found a guy holding a sign that said: Daniel + Phillip. The guy was about as tall as they were, maybe a little shorter. He had cropped black hair and had brown skin. Dan and Phil walked up to him where he intro diced himself as Dylan. "I'm Dan and he's Phil," Dan introduced. 

"Well I guess the first thing we should do is go see the reservations at the hotel" 

"sounds good," Phil said. On our way out their way outside they were greeted by an orange tabby cat. 

"Oh my god! It's so adorable!" Phil said picking up the cat and hugged it. Dan scratched the cat's ear and it began to purr. "Should we take it?" Asked Phil. 

"It's a stray, so I don't see why not." 

So they toon the cat and headed toward the hotel. 






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