A day in the life of phan IN PARIS!

Attention all phandom members! This fanfic DOES include phan. So if you ship it, you've come to the right place.

DAN keeps having nightmares. Mostly they include losing Phil. He doesn't want to tell Phil for the fear of frightening him. But also to keep his feelings for him a secret.

PHIL is unaware of Dan's nightmares, but is more interested on the trip they are taking. Paris, France! Phil hopes that this could be an opportunity to tell Dan how he really feels about him, but fears he will be rejected.

Will both get an opportunity to reveal the truth? Or will their secrets remain a secret?


2. Dan gets his payback

 Phil's POV

 I walked past Dan's bedroom door with my red bowl filled with lucky charms when I heard him scream," PHILLIP MICHAEL LESTER!!" At that I jumped and yelped, spilling milk on my shirt. 'Oh god. What did I do wrong?' I wondered. Dan came out of his room and stared right at me. His beautiful brown eyes dug into mine. That's until I noticed the cat whiskers drawn in black marker on his face. "What did you do?!" He yelled at me with an odd expression on his face. Was he trying to hide a smile? "I swear I didn't do it," I told him. 

"Well who else could've done it? You're the only other person in this building." he was definitely smiling now. 

"I don't know! I must have sleepwalked and done that to you."

"I swear I locked my door last night. But I guess not." He looked at me as if just realizing that I have spilled milk and cereal all over my shirt. "What happened?" He asked pointing to my t-shirt. "I was walking past your door when I heard you scream. So I got scared and maybe jumped a little and spilled it all over me."

After a while of considering this he asked me,"what time is it?"

"I honestly don't know. About 8:30 I think?" His eyes widened and looked at me. "Phil," he said. "We got half an hour to get to the airport." Dan went back into his room before coming back out within a minute. "PHIL! YOU USED THE PERMANENT MARKER!!" Uh oh. 


We got to the airport in time though I got to admit it was more of making a mess than actually packing. We managed to make it to the airport with five minutes to spare. "What do you want to see when we get there?" Dan asked me. "I want to see the ifeil tower," I said. "Wonder how big it really is." 

"You know what?" He asked, getting something out of his backpack. "I never got to get you back." He uncapped a sharpie and neared it to my face. Dan? you wouldn't. Dan? Dan NO! DONT DO IT DAN! NO! NOOOO!!"

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