A day in the life of phan IN PARIS!

Attention all phandom members! This fanfic DOES include phan. So if you ship it, you've come to the right place.

DAN keeps having nightmares. Mostly they include losing Phil. He doesn't want to tell Phil for the fear of frightening him. But also to keep his feelings for him a secret.

PHIL is unaware of Dan's nightmares, but is more interested on the trip they are taking. Paris, France! Phil hopes that this could be an opportunity to tell Dan how he really feels about him, but fears he will be rejected.

Will both get an opportunity to reveal the truth? Or will their secrets remain a secret?


5. Allergies


       It has been a long time I had sneezed at all, probably a few months. I wiped my nose a little and turned around to realize that I had startled Phil out of his daze. 

      "Are you okay?" He asked, his voice filled with care. 

      "Yeah, probably just allergies."

      "I never knew you had allergies."

      "There are many thing you don't know about me, Phil."

     But it did seem off. As far as I knew I never had any type of allergies and I pretty sure that you can't just get them out of nowhere. Oh well, many people commonly are allergic to pollen, so that could be my case. Or simply it was just a random sneeze and I am overthinking about this. I happen to do that a lot.




      "The coffee was great but I really am hungry," Phil said when we had finished drinking our animal cappuccinos. The sun was slowly making its way toward the horizon.

      "What else do they offer here, Dylan?" 

      "Well I haven't been to this cafe in a long time so they've probably changed the menu by now."

      We went inside to see what there was. Dylan ordered a sandwich that was filled with ham, cheese (Phil would not approve), lettuce, tomatoes, and a special sauce which contained who-knows-what. I got a simple burger which surprised me that they even served that here, I mean its a café. I thought that they only served different types of coffee and bread. But I guess that anything is possible. And Phil... oh my god I don't even know why, but he got chocolate covered croissants. Is that a thing in France? I don't know, but I mean it's was starting to get dark but apparently they were either really good or Phil was really hungry because he finished three of them in about five minutes.

       With the sun going down it filled the evening sky with many different shades of red, orange, yellow, and blue. We headed back to the hotel; with my stomach stuffed I was ready to simply just jump into bed and fall asleep. I could tell that Phil felt the same way as he himself looked like he was already falling asleep on our way back. The only reason he had stayed awake was probably my fault. I kept sneezing the whole way back (man I really need some allergy medicine quick). Sure it may be because of the pollen but I wasn't so sure because I have never sneezed so hard before, even if I was outside.

      "Hey, do you want to go get some allergy medicine before we get back?" Dylan asked.

      "Do you know where we can get some?" I asked.

      "Of course! I know this city like it was my home."

      "But this is you're home," Phil stated.

      "Exactly. That's why I know this place so well."

      We stopped by a what seemed like a pharmacy. It was no Walgreen or anything like that, but I guess it'll do. We looked at several different types of medicine until a store worker came to help us.

      "Hello, do you need any help?" He asked.

      "Oh, we're just looking for some– ACHOO– allergy medicine." I wiped my nose on my sleeve.

      "I've got just the thing you need." He walked behind the counter and received a jar with golden colored liquid inside. As he got closer I realized that the jar was filled with honey.

      "I've been told by many people that honey helped cure allergies, and it works! I've seen the results myself."

      "Thank you," I said.

      We paid for the honey and went back to the hotel and found that our cat friend was waiting for us at the door. Phil picked up Mr.Whiskers. He looked so cute holding the tabby cat, but then realization spread across my face. 

     "Phil," I said. He turned to look at me a big smile on his face. I didn't want it to go away but we had other matter to attend. 

      "We forgot to buy some cat food."

     His smile quickly faded and was replaced by pure worry.

     "Oh god."

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