Playing with glass

Dear diary, this is me

(Possible trigger warning)


5. I dream

Thursday 23rd July 2015 - night time:

I dream of a perfect relationship where we're so happy and we last, barely fight.

In spring we'll walk through the woods together hand in hand and other cute walks through fields.

In the summer we will play games and have water fights and go swimming bad maybe go on an exotic holiday together and create perfect memories

And in autumn we can drink hot chocolate by the warm fire and snuggle and draw and dream together.

Finally in winter, we could have snow ball fights and build snowman and make snow angels. We could go sledging together and ice skating. Then decorate the tree together, while watching films wrapped in blankets.

I want a perfect relationship where when we are older we can travel together, travel the world and for-full my life's wish, we will visit beautiful places and create amazing memories that will last a life time. We could by a house together, with each room themed to match! Watch movies and play games all through the night, build a family and give my kids everything they deserve and more. Maybe get some pets too, we could cook adorable meals for each other and look after one another, build blanket forts and go on Easter egg hunts at Easter, play hide and seek and attempt to ride skate boards.

All these wonderful things, they're apart of my perfect dream, because when I row old I want something real.

I dream if perfection and happiness. I live in darkness but think in colours.

But, perfect things only happen to perfect people with perfect lives with perfect things and perfect people, and not perfect.

Anything to do with me will ever be perfect.

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