Playing with glass

Dear diary, this is me

(Possible trigger warning)


18. He's gone

Thursday 22nd October 2015, 3:40pm:

he hasn't talked to me at all since then, actually he did once but he and i both got mad at each other after he kept calling me stupid

So far i'm okay with him not talking to me, after what happened i doubt i'll be able to look at him the same again. I think he hates me now but i don't care i hate him too, he destroyed my remaining sanity. Sure enough it'll be easy to live without him, es caused me so much pain between his live it will be good to live without his hateful messages and insults and sad phone calls constantly wasting my time. 

He can move onto better people i suppose, i don't know why but strangely i hate the thought of him kissing someone else, but what can i do. I can also move onto someone else, for a while i've been slightly crushing on Max but also, recently i have reconnected with my friend Jake. And he is very attractive and no going to lie, i've always been slightly attracted to him.  We ended our friendship on bad term when he moved schools after activities week, but i apologised for what i had said to him and he did so too. So surely i can concider him as an option. He is an extremely flirty person to be honest and opened minded, although conversation can be slow and empty sometimes i can easily get past that.

Although, if i do end up with him, Adam and a few of my friends, well actually about all of them, would be unhappy about it. but maybe Adam would find it funny in a sick kind of way. They all hate him because they disagree with his personal morals which aren't there business an i can easily look past those few things and see him for the person he really is. Also Adam really didn't like him an got annoyed at me for being his friend while we were together because he said he was too flirty and thought i liked him during our relationship, which i didn't! 

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