Playing with glass

Dear diary, this is me

(Possible trigger warning)


20. do you ever

Sunday 15th novemeber 2015, 12:10am:


Do you ever want something so bad and it doesn't even make sense.Not food ,not a thing, but a person. Someone you'd not expect to be so desperate over, yet there you are sitting wishing you were with them. 

Do you ever want something but, you cant have it and what you want will never happen. Because its you and things like that never usually happen to you, things never go the way you want them too and barely anything works out these days. That's pretty sad when you think about it, don' t you think?

Do you ever want someone so bad but to even be near them you have to wait so long, its not even that long but for that one person, its too long. And even though you know you're too scared to do anything and know you wont, you plan ever detail, playing it over and over in our head because the thought of being with them makes you and when you cant sleep at night its what you think about because the scene helps with sleep easily with a smile plastered across our face and its what gets you through the day. 

Even with so much thought, even though you want this so bad and for so long, but you just wont do it...

Or is it just me.

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