Drain your name out of my veins

About forgetting the person that used to abuse this girl...and killed her father. She seeks revenge of this killer, and tracks him down.


1. Chapter 1

     I dose off for a second just to let myself construct inside my mind what might happen in these next few seconds. "Look me in my fucking eyes you bitch!" The words did not frighten me, but the last word hurt like holding an ice cube, cold at first, but then slowly melts. I looked at him in his hazel, red veined eyes just to notice he is just as scared as I am. His arm starts to lift, but I dare not look down to see what he is holding. Then I hear a door open. The footsteps of a casual business man stumble in as if he was pushed into the room. 

   "s-sorry. d-did I interrupt anything?" 

  "Yes you smartass! Where is my money?"

  "I promise I will give it to you as soon as I can! Just please don't hurt my daughter!"

  " I get her in bed tonight because of this. And there will be bruises. Lots. Of bruises."  I hear myself gulp, recognizing the voice of my father. I want to turn around and run into his arms. I want him to hear my voice. But I do nothing but breathe into my lungs that no longer hold oxygen, but suffocation. 


- five weeks later -

 I open my eyes slowly, and agonizing pain flooded to my temples. Where am I? I try to sit up, but my body won't allow myself to. What's going on? The last thing I remember was watching my father save my life by shooting the criminal, and getting shot back. Is my father alive?! I hear a calm, soft voice relieving me of my fears. 

   "You are in a hospital. I am doctor Shultz, and. I will be taking care of you."

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