It Never Ends

I thought it was going to be an amazing day, but I was wrong. The day was full of blood and death, it was like something out of a movie. But there are always other days where I can have a good time, maybe one of those days will never come, but who really knows, anything can happen.


2. Chapter Two

Georgia's P.O.V 

Everything was white, it was bright. I struggled to open my eyes because everything was so bright. It took me a few tries before I manged to open my eyes. I looked down at my body. I was in a hospital gown and only a sheet covered the rest of me. I was lying on a hospital bed and I had a tube down my throat and it was really uncomfortable. I wanted it out, but no one was around. I had an iv in my hand and one of those heart monitor things on my finger. Then a nurse came in. 

"You can come in now she's awake." The nurse said to someone standing outside my room. It was the blonde guy I saw earlier. 

The nurse took out the tube and made my bed go up so I was sitting up and then she asked me if I needed anything, I said no. The blonde guy sat down on the chair next to the bed. He looked terrible, he had a huge plaster on his forehead and his eyes were red. He looked at me, his blue eyes were soft but also something about it was also really sexy. 

"I thought you were gonna die." His voice was smooth, it sounded nice. 

I didn't say anything, my throat was sore from the tube. 

"The doctors said you almost died. You suffered from very severe injuries and you went into shock. Your heart was failing and the doctors had to revive you three times." I felt lucky. Not everyone lives through this. 

"Who are you?" I croaked, I cleared my throat. 

"I'm James, what about you?" 

"Georgia. Very original name." James laughed a little. 

"My parents named me after James Dean." I was suddenly interested, I heard the name James Dean. 

There was an awkward silence and I noticed I wasn't wearing a bra. I felt naked. James started staring at me again, staring deep into my soul. I felt even more naked. 

James stayed until about midnight talking to me and making sure I was alright. He seemed like a really great guy, he was polite, sweet and caring and he was really good looking too. He was tall probably about 6'3, skinny but not too skinny and he had the cutest smile. I think I liked him, no I knew I liked him, I couldn't help but think about James all night. I had the image in my head of him staring into my eyes, his eyes were beautiful, they were the colour of the sky. I couldn't wait to see James again. I eventually fell asleep but it was hard to sleep on this bed, it was hard like concrete. 


I woke up just after eight. James wasn't hear yet, I didn't expect him here this early. But I was mistaken, he appeared about half an hour later. 

"Hey Georgia, how are you feeling?" 

"Take a guess." James grinned a little. 

"Not too good I'm guessing." 

"You guessed it." We both smiled. 

"Do you know when you're going to get of here?" James asked. 

"The nurses said about a week, but it could be longer." James grinned at me. I honestly couldn't wait to get out here, this bed, this room, the smell, everything was just weird. I wanted to go home, or go home with James. 

"I can't wait until you can leave." He smirked. James kept looking into my eyes, part wished he would stop; the other part of wished he wouldn't stop. 

For the rest of the day James didn't leave my side. He must really like me if he didn't want to leave. It was nice having someone there though. 


It was around 7pm when James had to leave. 

"I've got to go now I'm having dinner with my parents tonight." 

"I'm glad you stayed with me." I smiled a little. 

He kissed my forehead and left. I didn't know what to do for the rest of the night. I had a t.v in my room so I was flicking through all the channels. There was some pretty good shows on, so I was watching them most of the night. 


For the rest of the week James visited every day and my parents also came. My Dad gave me a new phone since my one smashed in the crash. I exchanged numbers with James, and the rest of the week is history. 


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