It Never Ends

I thought it was going to be an amazing day, but I was wrong. The day was full of blood and death, it was like something out of a movie. But there are always other days where I can have a good time, maybe one of those days will never come, but who really knows, anything can happen.


1. Chapter One

Georgia's P.O.V 

Ben laughed, I could tell he thought I was stupid. "Georgia I Can't." He continued. 


"I can't let you in, you don't have a ticket." 

"But you don't need a ticket to get in." Ben laughed again at my response. "There's been a slight change." And he pushed me gently out of the way of everyone else. 

"Ben please I'm begging you let me on the train. I don't wanna ride the bus, you know I'm terrified of buses." At that moment I had hope that Ben would be sympathetic for once in his life. 

"No can do sister, rules are rules. No ticket, no train. Now can you please stand behind the yellow line, the train is about to leave." I backed up behind the yellow line and watched as the train took off without me.

For me the train was the only transport I would use (apart from planes). As a child I was in a horrific bus accident and I have the scars to prove it. I almost died that day, since then I swore I would never ride on the bus ever again.

Today was suppose to be a great day, but it's already off to a terrible start. Today was the day I was going to meet my closest online friend for the first time, Josh. I met Josh about three years ago on facebook, he sent me a friend request and I was a dumb kid and I always accepted friend requests from people I didn't know personally. I definitely know for sure that Josh is real and not a creepy old man. We've skyped like over a hundred times already and today is meant to be the day I meet him. 

It was almost eight in the morning and I'm meeting him around twelve. I planned to take the train to Manhattan and meet Josh near central park, but I was too afraid to bus and the next train was in an hour. 

My phone buzzed. I reached into my pocket and checked the message. It was a message from Ben. 

'Take the bus. You ain't no chicken.'

Sometimes I really hated Ben, but this was the push I really needed. Ever since I was seven I hated been called a chicken. Today was not the day to be a chicken. Today was the day I had to do this and conquer my fear. I walked to the bus station, and luckily for it was only a block away. I walked quickly, I was almost running. I waited about five minutes in the bus station for my bus came. The bus driver checked my ticket and I sat down near the front of the bus. 

Today was going to be a good day, no not a good day, a great one. 

It didn't take long until all the passengers were on the bus, every seat had someone sitting in it. But I was the lucky one and no one sat beside me. 

About 20 minutes into the bus ride I started to think that this wasn't so bad. Buses aren't bad at all, I was just being a total chicken. 

I was wrong. 

I heard screeching tires. Then screaming. My body flung forward and I slammed into the wall behind where the bus driver sits. Then the bus rolled. Everyone lost control of their bodies and people flew forwards and backwards. Into shattered windows and in other people's seats. 

I saw people scattered all over the bus, there was not one person that wasn't bleeding. I heard children crying and cars stopping outside the bus to help. I had flashbacks from the last accident I was in. And the last thing I saw was some guy, about my age laying on the across the floor in front of me. His blonde hair was soaked in blood and he was holding his wounded head. He saw me and his facial expression changed dramatically, he forgot about his bloody head and came to my side. I couldn't feel anything I was completely numb. My eyelids started to droop I couldn't control it, he tried to keep me awake. Then all of sudden everything turned black. I didn't know if I was dead or just asleep. 




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