Broken Home

Aryana never wanted this life. She was only 18, she wanted to have a happy ending. She wanted to have the perfect boyfriend, but she got an abuser. She wanted parents that loved each other till the end, but she got parents the fought everyday and got drunk. She only had one thing that kept her sane and that was her best friends Denise, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall. Until one day Denise bought tickets for all of them to go to a concert for 5 Seconds of Summer, where she meets Michael Clifford and he invites them to their meet and greet to "hang out". Will Aryana fall for Michael and leave James or will she never talk to Michael again? Will she let Michael in her life? Wait and find out..


2. The beginning

10 years before

I turn 8 today, Mommy and daddy haven't been the same since Sam died. They started fighting and daddy started getting drunk and hits me. Denise was always there for me when I needed her, she's the bestest friend I have.

"Aryana get your fucking ass over here before I go up there myself and make you come down." Dad said while quickly coming up the stairs.

"I'm coming daddy let me just put my homework away." I said while wiping my tears and fixing my posture. As an 8 year old I've learn a lot about people, I may seem stupid and innocent but I'm not. My teacher tells me I'm the smartest student in her class something my parents don't know because then they'll bully me about it.

"You better be out here in 3 minutes or I'm gonna go in there and pull you by the hair." He said while banging on the door really hard it sounded like he was going to break it down.

"I'm about to go out the door." I said while mumbling "Agh I hate my life, no one loves me." As I'm opening the door I hear my parents yelling at each other. Knowing I can't bring back Sam to fix all of this sucks. I miss that cheese ball, he always made everything better, he made my parents better.

"There you are you fucking piece of shit." He says while coming up to me with a look of anger and sadness. Why is he sad he's never sad when he looks at me, he always looks at me with anger and hatred?

"I'm sorry Daddy," I look down at my feet "what do you need?"

"You're in so much trouble you little brat." Just great, what did I not clean this time I think as I mentally roll my eyes.

"But..." I said not knowing what I did to make him mad. "Daddy what did I do?" I know I did all my chores before I went to Denise's house.

"Don't act like you don't fucking know." Why does he always have to say bad words it makes me mad, Sam always told me to be a good girl and that's all I've ever been. I've never done anything bad in my 8 years.

"But..." He interrupts me and pulls me by the arm and twisting it, probably leaving it red.

"Aryana you listen to me and you listen to me good," he stops for a moment and looks at me with those sad eyes again, but covers it quickly with anger. "next time I get a call from Denise's mum saying you snuck out, you are going to get it."

"I'm sorry Daddy." I said with tears already forming at the brim of my eyes. Neither Denise's mom or my dad were supposed to find out about us sneaking out at night.

"Oh you'll be sorry once I'm finish with you" He slaps me hard and starts throwing punches at my face. He stops, looks at me then my mommy and back at me with tears streaming down his face. What's going on why is he crying? Why did he stop hitting me?

"Why you crying daddy?" I whisper as I put my tiny hand on his soft cheek. He looks at me, sees the bruises that have already formed and looks at the floor as if he was ashamed. Wait what's going on?

"Go to your room I'll follow behind you okay love" He whispers in my ear. He walks to mommy and whispers something that I can't quite hear.

"Otay daddy" As I'm walking up the stairs I hear footsteps behind me, I look back and see my dad wiping his tears, he looks up at me and points to my room, I was scared to find out what he'd do to me.

"Baby," Wait did my dad just call me baby? I'm so confused this has never happened, not once since Sam's death. "I'm so sorry Aryana please forgive me?!"

"What?! Daddy I should be asking you that," I said. I said while getting up from my bed, going up to him so I can give him a hug. He was shocked at first but he finally wraps his arms around me and pulled me close in a tight hug.

"No baby, you don't need to apologise. This is all my fault for listening to mommy" he said. At this point I was beyond confused.

"But Daddy, how could it be mommys fault?" Mommy has always been good to me, I just don't understand how she could have something to do with daddy hitting me.

"She said if I wasn't mean to you and I didn't do these things to you she would make your life worse then it already is baby. Can you find it in your kind heart to forgive me Aryana?" After he said all of that I jumped in his arms and cried. After about ten minutes I had calmed down and was finally able to look at my dads face.

"I forgive you daddy, but you have to promise never to hit me again daddy because it really hurt." I stuck my pinky in the air waiting for his pinky to grasp mine. After about four minutes I felt his pinky hug mine, I look up and see his tears eyes.

"I promise!" He pulls me in for a tight hug. We hugged for about an hour until we jumped apart when we heard mommy's voice yell for us to get our butts down stairs so we can eat. "Come on baby I'll take care of you until I can get us both out of here."

Little did my dad know, my life was just about to turn around. And mom would come back to haunt us.

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