Broken Home

Aryana never wanted this life. She was only 18, she wanted to have a happy ending. She wanted to have the perfect boyfriend, but she got an abuser. She wanted parents that loved each other till the end, but she got parents the fought everyday and got drunk. She only had one thing that kept her sane and that was her best friends Denise, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall. Until one day Denise bought tickets for all of them to go to a concert for 5 Seconds of Summer, where she meets Michael Clifford and he invites them to their meet and greet to "hang out". Will Aryana fall for Michael and leave James or will she never talk to Michael again? Will she let Michael in her life? Wait and find out..


4. Last Day of Summer

Present Day

So tomorrow we go back to school and I'm so not ready for this. It's been two years since my mom left us. Do I miss her? Yea of course I do, even though she did all of that stuff to make my dad an asshole, I still miss her. Today it's also mine and Denise's birthday and I got her the best birthday present. I can't wait to see what she got me. What if it's the new All Time Low album I've been asking for? Or maybe-

"Aryana come on, do you really want to be late to yours and Denise's party. Oh my gosh if I find you barely changing I'm gonna kick your ass." He said, taking me out of my thoughts. My dad's been changing for me and he's doing a good job for a single parent. He's funny, jokes around a lot, and he's an amazing cook.

"I'm putting on my shoes chill dad." I said while laughing at his impatience. My dads hates waiting and me being a girl it takes me forever to choose clothes and do my hair. I'm not really a fan of make-up never have and never will be. Maybe on my wedding day, if I even get married.

"Don't tell me to chill young lady. You chill, if anything I am chill." Yea because yelling at me means you're chill. Nice one dad.

"Stop saying chill, you're going to ruin the word for me dad. And plus I'm the cool one in the family." I say as I run down the stairs and stand next to my very impatient dad.

"Whatever Aryana, but everyone knows I'm the cool one here" he says as he flips his non existent hair.

"Okay whatever you say dad, just please stop" I roll my eyes and put a hand on my hips.

"I'll stop someday honey" He chuckles and starts ruffling my hair before I can slap it away.

"Can you not dad. It took me a hour and a half to curl my hair stop" I walk to the mirror next to the door trying and failing to fix my hair "See dad," I point to my hair "now I can't fix it and you're going to have to wait 30 minutes so I can do all of them all over again."

"Wait no. How about you go get your curling iron and bring it to Denise's house. You can fix your damn hair over there I'm tired of waiting for you" He pushes me to the stairs waiting for me to get the curling iron.

"Fine but you have to get me ice cream when I come back down." With a smirk on my face I run to my room without waiting for a response from my dad.

"Aryana honey, I'm sorry I messed up your hair" He pulled me into a tight hug. We stay like that for a good 5 minutes until I push away.

"Yea okay I forgive you, now get me some ice cream peasant" I snap my fingers and point to the kitchen waiting for my dad to do what I asked for before we leave to the car.

"Only because i love you Aryana and it's your birthday" He over dramatically sighs but did it nothing less.


We've been driving for hours I thought the party was at Denise's house like it always is. I get very impatient if you didn't know, this car ride is really pissing me off I just want to get off this car and die in a ditch.

"Dad how much longer until we get there, and why didn't you tell me the party wasn't at Denise's house?" I yell at him. This car ride is sickening.

"I don't know I'm just following the address her mom gave me?" What the hell, why was I not informed about the party being moved.

"How much longer though? It feels like we've been in the car for three hours." I groan, leaning back in my seat "Dad is it okay if I take a little nap and you wake me up when we get there. Or are we almost there?"

"Yea, take a nap because it looks like we're gonna be on the road for another two hours" he said, checking the GPS.

I lean back in my seat and try to sleep. After about ten minutes I just gave up on trying to sleep and took out my iPhone 6s+. When I turned it on I saw that I had a text from my boyfriend, James.

From James ❤️:

Morning beautiful xx

It was sent an hour ago, but it's 2 in the afternoon and it was 1 an hour ago. Damn he's such a lazy person if he just woke up

To James ❤️:

Did your lazy ass just wake up xx

From James ❤️:

You know me so well ;) xx

To James ❤️:

Wow I'm sad to call you my boyfriend because I'm a morning person -_-

From James ❤️:

Damn Aryana that hurt me so bad. It got me right in that heart :(

Jk no it didn't because idc :)

To James ❤️:

Fine then if you don't care bye assface :(

From James ❤️:

No I'm kidding I love you come back xx


I can see you reading these

Aryana I'm sorry please forgive me :(

To James ❤️:

Wow I did not expect you to do that :/

From James ❤️:

What can I say I know what to say to girls ;) xx

To James ❤️:

By "girls" you mean me and your mom

From James ❤️:

Wow okay that actually hurt :(

Just because you were my first everything doesn't mean I don't have girl friends :'(

To James ❤️:

Oh poor baby don't worry I loved being your first kiss because you've had plenty of girlfriends before me and we haven't had sex yet -_-

Did you note my sarcasm ;)

From James ❤️:

Okay okay I get it :P

To James ❤️:

Are you coming to the party??

From James ❤️:

Yea why

To James ❤️:

Do you know where it is??

From James ❤️:

Yea why

To James ❤️:

Can you tell me where it is??

From James ❤️:

No can do

To James ❤️:

Why not -_-

From James ❤️:

Because I was told it was a surprise now if you'll excuse me I have to get ready because I was suppose to be there before you but I slept in xx

To James ❤️:

Agh you suck

From James ❤️:

I think that's your job ;) xx

To James ❤️:

No it's yours because your gay ^-^

From James ❤️:

Okay I seriously need to start getting ready my mums yelling at me

See you in a little

I love you 😘😘 xx

To James ❤️:

Okay bye

Love you to

Seen at 3:34

"We're here Aryana!" I look up to see my dad getting out the car, I soon follow his actions and get out as well. He gets a text "Wait here I'll be back I just have to go look for someone."

Okay that made no sense because there was literally nothing here but a shit load of trees. I close the door to the car and walk around a little until my phone goes off. It was a text from my best friend Denise a.k.a my Fiancé.

From Fiancé 💍:

Hey by any chance do you know where the party is? ^-^

To Fiancé 💍:

Um no I thought you knew :/

From Fiancé 💍:

No my moms been driving to what looks like the woods

I though the party was going to be at my house like always but I guess not

To Fiancé 💍:

OMG same but I guess not

Me and my dad got here awhile ago but idk where he's at he went walking somewhere

From Fiancé 💍:

Um by any chance is your dad wearing his signature bad boy outfit

If you're wondering, yes, my dad has a bad boy outfit. It's the typical " I can get any girl I want without trying look. " It consist of a white shirt, red and black flannel, black jeans, black high top converses, and his hair in a quiff. So basically he looked like a teenager but he's 34. To be totally honest with you, if he was my age I'd date him.

To Fiancé 💍:

Yea he's wearing that why

And how did you know

From Fiancé 💍:

Well because he's on the side of the road

Wait I see you!!xx

I look up from my phone to see my dad running with a car right by his side, as soon as he gets to me he says "I went to go wait for Denise's mom she said she'd be here soon and I didn't know where the party was so yea. Am I sweating I don't want to look like a pig?!?" He runs his fingers through his hair, trying to catch his breathe.

"Dad you look fine!! I'll even bet you that you'll meet a girl today" Yup it's true, my dad started dating again. Am I mad? Yes and no, I sort of wanted him to be with mom when she came back but at the same time I wanted him to be happy with someone he truly loved. I still haven't met his new girlfriend but he's told me that I've met her before, at first I thought it was my mom but then I remember that she's in California and we're in London.

"ARYANA!!!!!" I turn around to see Denise, my best friend, run towards me.

"DENISE!!!!" Once she gets to me, I jump in her arms and hug her tight. "I missed you, babe"

"I know, I mean how can you be away from this for three months" said Densie while flipping her very short hair. I roll my eyes pulling away.

"Whatever. So how was Australia?" Before you ask, yes my best friend went to Australia but that was only because her mom had to do work over there so I didn't see her all summer. I know how sad.

"OH MY GOSH, it was so cool but boring because I didn't have my cuddle bug." If you're wondering who her cuddle bug is, it's me. Don't even ask though it's a long story. "Anyways how was your summer."

"It was amazballs, you know how it was mine and James's 10 month anniversary." She nods, smirking at me, "Well he took me to my favorite place, DisneyWorld, and he got a hotel and we went on ever ride and we did some stuff after." I smirk whispering the last part so my dad doesn't hear.

"Damn girl get some." We both laugh. Wow, I don't know how I survived three months without my best friend by my side.

"Okay kids back in the car, oh and David just follow my car so you don't get lost in the woods." Said Ms. Ramirez, Denise's mom. My dad nods, we both get in the car waiting for Ms. Ramirez to star driving.

"Dad," It's time I ask him the question that's been on my mind since I saw them together. "Do you and Ms. Ramirez have a thing."

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