The journey

This is the story of Albert Stein a Musical genius


1. The journey


It was a stormy night when Albert Stein was in the midst of creating a masterpiece on the grand piano in his office. He had been there all night working when he heard the sounds of sirens. Rushing to look outside his window he saw planes bombing Berlin just east of his home. Running into his basement to hide he was terrified of the coming struggles for his country. As the war was coming to an end Albert was unharmed except his slightly broken left arm from a German soldier encounter. It's October 9th 1945 when Albert had awoken from the fumes of smoke. While struggling to breathe he rushed up the stairs, hearing people scream and cry "Gott , wie konntest du das zulassen !" (German for God how could you let this happen) he ran outside. Waking around in fallen ash he stumbled on some da bre from a plane he quickly got up and that's when it hit him. If he survived this awful  devastation he was meant to do wonderful things for this world. Wasting no time he ran inside what was left of his house packing for the big journey. He was going to leave Germany and head for Poland where some of his family lived. He knew getting threw Germany was nearly impossible but that did not stop him. Hiking threw The vast country side he started to think about his passion the piano. Albert was a genius with the ivory keys. While walking he started practicing piano in his head note after note he created the rest of his piece he was working on before the bombs to his home away. When he got to Poland he found his family and told his about his incredible story of getting out of Germany. He then went to a local coffee store and asked the owner if he could use his piano for a song he had worked on. The owner said yes and he started playing, The piece was beautiful a true work of art. In the coffee shop there was a man by the name of Fredrick Beethoven a composer out of Germany, Fredrick was a decedent of the once Ludwig van Beethoven. Fredrick was listing to the piece and hit the table with his fist. Albert stopped and the man said "excuse me sir what is the name of your piece and who composed it?" Albert said I call it "The Journey"and I composed it. The man sat in awe. He then said "I'm having a party to celebrate the end of the war would you come and play this for me and my guests?" Albert said yes with a smile on his face. After the party Albert became a small town celebrity, unable to get his music out there for people to hear he was only able to play at parties and small gatherings. At the age of 78 Albert stein died in Poland from natural causes. He lived a incredible life escaping Germany and going on to write and compose 56 piano pieces. That is the story of Albert Stein.                                  The end 
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