Love me or leave me

Stacey found someone she can finally talk to about everything until he made a huge mistake even when they make up he keeps making the Same mistake and she might fall for her best friend


4. Chapter 3

Stacey's point of view 

Michael-" c' mon I just need a tuto-"

Of course he got distracted by the most popular girl maybe I should help him 

Michael-" what are you doing ?" 

Stacey-" shut up " 

I kiss him and everyone clapped I pulled away his crush seems pissed haha 

Stacey-" your welcome " 

I walk away and text Ashton about our date tonight 

* later on* 

Me and Ashton go to the carnival and have a great time eating cotton candy and going on rides 

Stacey-" I had a great time " 

Ashton-" me too " 

He kisses me I kiss him back the kiss deepens he pushs me up against the wall but I see Michael looking at us smirking 

Michael-" so no pizza " 

Damit Mikey 

Stacey-" well I gotta go bye ash " 

Ashton-" bye " 

* walks in the house * 

Michael-" what's your problem ?" 

Stacey-" uh I was in a middle of something " 

Michael-" Stacey your too young " 

Stacey-" I am not " 

Some days I wonder why I lend him a key to My house.

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