Love me or leave me

Stacey found someone she can finally talk to about everything until he made a huge mistake even when they make up he keeps making the Same mistake and she might fall for her best friend


3. Chapter 2

Stacey's point of view 

I walk down the street going to school until someone dropped their stuff 

Stacey-" Is this yours ?" 

Ashton-" yeah thanks " 

Stacey-" no problem" 

Ashton-" I'm Ashton" 

Stacey-" I'm Stacey " 

Ashton-" so do you want to hangout sometime?" 

Stacey-" sure " 

We exchange phone numbers And walk away I go and see Michael next to my locker 

Michael-" so what are we doing tonight " 

Stacey-" well I hear there's this killer awesome party cal's throwing tonight " 

Michael-" this is why your my favorite person" 

Stacey-" I know " 

* later on * 

I dance with Luke and Mikey while everyone else is getting drunk or laid I take a couple more shots but someone pushes me to them 

Michael-" hey " 

Stacey-" hey " 

He leans down and kisses me hard I kiss back to be honest I'm quite enjoying this but we stop then go back to dancing after while I went home if your wondering me and Michael do that at parties all the time but I only see him as a friend I change my clothes and fall asleep thinking about Ashton and when I'll see him again.

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