Love me or leave me

Stacey found someone she can finally talk to about everything until he made a huge mistake even when they make up he keeps making the Same mistake and she might fall for her best friend


1. Chapter 1

Stacey's point of view 

The day would start as any normal day I'd be with my best friend Michael 

Stacey-" hurry up !!!" 

Michael-" green day or blink-182 " 

Stacey-" any " 

Michael-" both it is " 

Stacey-" could've decided that a long time ago" 

Michael-" will you stop with that bitchy mood " 

Stacey-" jerk " 

Michael-" bitch " 

Stacey-" can we go get food now " 

Michael-" fine " 

I drag Michael to McDonald's to get us food after that we went to my house and played video games 

Michael-" YES I WON!!!!!!!!!" 

Stacey-" you suck " 

Michael-" so do you " 

He picks me up 

Stacey-" put me down!!!!!!" 

Michael-" say you love me " 


Michael-" say you love me " 

Stacey-" I love you " 

He puts me down 

Michael-" better " 

Stacey-" yes " 

After awhile he goes home today was fun if your wondering if he always does that it's a yes I'm guessing I should say some things about my self I'm Stacey  I'm 18 , has blue- blackish hair , nose piercing , and a tatto that says " social casualty " and my best friend is Michael Clifford.



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