Outside the Lines

Someone once said that when you can't sleep at night, you are awake in someone else's dream. I wondered who could possibly be dreaming about me. I was only 15 and yet I was supposed to die the next day. When everyone is born, they get the date and time they will die tattooed on their arm, but only you can see your own. Did I tell anyone? No. I didn't want to cause much trouble. Plus, no one would be expecting me to die so young.

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2. Found


Chapter Two ~ Found (Hey guys. So this chapter may be a little bland. I accidentally deleted it right before I was going to press publish, so I had to rewrite it. I couldn't wait to post it so here it is. I will normally be posting once a week. What day should I post it on? Comment suggestions below.)

I wasn't supposed to wake up. But I did. In a puddle of sweat. I was surprised that I was alive. I should have died last night. I looked at my arm. The tattoo that had been there my whole life had faded away. Was I in fact dead? I looked around. The curtains were closed. My room was messy as usual. Everything seemed normal. Was it all a dream? I shakily got up and waddled towards the window. I leaned on it for a few minutes, trying to regain my focus. After I maintained my balance, I drew back the curtains, to meet a face. The face of Aveline. I screamed and fell back. So it wasn't a dream. Darn. I gathered myself and walked back over to the window. I opened it up and she crept inside.

"Okay, what happened last night?" I demanded. She pointed to her throat. She was muted now. I sighed and rummaged through my desk drawer in search of a pen and notebook. When I finally found them, I handed them to her and she immediately started scribbling down words on the paper.

Right after you left, the man you saw punished me for giving you too much information about the government and for telling you to run. She rolled her eyes.

"He punished you?"

She nodded and pointed to her throat. She kept writing.

Whenever I do something the government doesn't approve of, they mute me. I don't even know how, Its just like they decide I should be muted and it happens.

"Why didn't he go after me?"

He decided since your death time was in a couple hours, it wasn't worth it to chase after you.

"Wait, why aren't I dead?"

She scrunched her nose and kept writing.

About that... Apparently us Outsiders don't die.

"Why? What makes us different than anyone else?"

  She thought for a moment.

I don't know yet. I'm going to find out though.

She continued to write but then my door knob started to move. Clearly whoever was trying to come in was having a hard time with the entry. I darted my eyes toward the window then back at Aveline. I shut the window after she crawled back out and jumped back in bed. My mom came in with a tray of food.

"Happy Birthday!"

Wow. I forgot. I didn't even have to pretend to look surprised. She placed the tray in front of me. I faked a smile, praying that I didn't look too frightened. She smiled back and made her way out the door. I waited a few seconds then jumped up to close the door. I shoved the window back open. It was really cold outside. Aveline wasn't anywhere in sight.

"She's gone!" I whispered rather loudly. No sign. I frowned. I stuck my head out. Nothing. I really started to get worried. I slipped on some sandals and a jacket and set out to look for her. I closed the window behind me and that's when something caught my eye. My notebook. I stooped down and picked it up.

You need to hurry. They're going to find out you're alive

I ran out to the driveway. I looked around. No sign of Aveline. I sighed and ran to the left. After a few minutes, I slowed to a stop. What if she had gone to find out the answer to her question about us not dying. I decided it would be best just to wait back at the house. But what greeted me there was not what I wanted, or expected. My window was wide open, and my room looked like it threw up on itself. Furniture was overturned. The dresser drawers were pulled out. My bed had collapsed. I looked down at the notebook Aveline had left. The front page was torn out.

She had been found. And so had I.

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