Evelyn Mcguire

Based on Australias #1 Drama. Evelyn McGuire leads the role in this book.


5. The gun & the wound

So I woke up this morning to see Hannah practicing her excersise and a nice blue sky to the sound of birds chirping, felt like I was in some kind of dream. I jumped out of bed and as I was walking out into the kitchen Josh was sitting on the couch, he looked serious. HSC was coming up and he'd been taking drugs to focus and study. I sat down next to him and he explains how he needs money. I can't give it to him and tell him to leave, but who ever needs the money is dangerous I can tell. Nothing in my mind went from negative to positive right away.

So I sit down with josh eating breakfast as he's looking tired and red under the eyes. "Looks like you haven't had much sleep Josh" I said and he just looks at me with confusion. He starts to tell me the truth and the reason why he needs money, he explains that he owes the wrong guys heaps of cash and if he doesn't his life will be in danger. I sit there shocked and then tell him to get some rest just so while he's napping I can browse his phone. Surely enough he sits up on the couch snoozing away while I check his messages, ones from "DrugDealerPaul" and it reads "get me the money or you'll be more then sorry". I rush out of the house and leave him there as I need time to breath slowly in and out. I realise Josh could be in more toubke then what he thinks...

The next few days were silent and all this was because I held a grudge and ignored his calls for getting into this type of mess and drama. i feel like I need to end our relationship as he's always focusing on other things then us, i give him a call and he's not answering. All I feel for some reason is that since we haven't spoken for a few days there might be something that's happened. I get in the car and go over to his house but when I knock there's no answer "Josh,josh,josh" I say loudly, his brother andy answers the door and tells me to come in and Josh is in his bedroom. I realise breaking up with him will be hard because I love him but it's all his own fault. once I've told him he tells me to leave "GET OUT" he screams all I felt is a tear running down my face. As I'm running down the street and a car almost runs me over, I turn back to see it pull into Josh's place, the guys suspicious and carrying a gun. I call Kat (our towns policeman) she tells me to stay away as she pulls into the drive way. I hear three bangs of a shooting of a gun, "NOOOO" I scream as I fall to the ground and cry.

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