Evelyn Mcguire

Based on Australias #1 Drama. Evelyn McGuire leads the role in this book.


2. The Bus Crash

It's a happy day today as me and some of the bay load our things and sit on a bus for hours while we travel to the city to watch our friend pheobe sing her little heart out. I've been having some issues with my ex-boyfriend, but am happy knowing that I love him and want to be with him. I'm sitting next to a summer bay favourite at the back her names Ricky and she's heavily pregnant and happy with a guy named Brax.

I get the urge to turn around so I do and fair enough its Josh in a car with Brax. Me and Ricky smile and wave and they do it to, Josh is trying to tell me something and he pulls out his phone and points at it, but I just keep waving looking confused to what he's trying to tell me.

I turn back around to screaming and Ricky does to. The bus starts to swerve and very hard as well, I then see a car that almost hits us swerve and then the bus starts to tilt. Everyone's yelling and Sasha yells out to "Kyle" who is phoebes boyfriend. I look at my aunty who is horrified, I then turn to Ricky and she is so scared, I mean what about her baby, it could die. The bus hits the floor on its side with glass shattering everywhere and people floating around to, I'm fine at this stage just got s few cuts and Ricky is kinda squishing me. The bus then tilts again and when the bus hits its roof I fall back and hit my head hard, I am not unconscious and it is a very bad day for the people of Summer Bay.

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