Evelyn Mcguire

Based on Australias #1 Drama. Evelyn McGuire leads the role in this book.


4. Hospital

Hannah went to hospital as it turns out my aunty may never be able to walk again. My uncles girlfriend, Leah she was found metres away from the actual bus and she's in a worse condition, she's on life support and may not wake up. As for Kyle he had to be brought back to life due to the pressure and shock of the bus being lifted of his leg. I wanted my friends and family to be all okay but unfortunately that won't be happening. Me and josh decided to give our relationship another try but to go slow since everyone's still in danger. The person that did this was the doctors wife and she got to obsessed with him when they broke up so she caused an accident. Now she's labelled the most hated in summer bay. Everything was so over welming and I needed a break so I went down to get something to eat and drink.

2 MONTHS LATER .......

so after 2 months a lot changed leah woke up about a week ago and has now got a decision to make whether to have a operation in her brain or die, the operation is very risky. As for my aunty she is just starting to learn how to work and it's taking its time but she's settled down with a guy called Andy. Me and Josh are going through a rough patch though as he has recently got addicted to drugs and no matter how much I try he won't stop, he's in danger and I can tell. These things got better of course but some things took a bad turn for the better.....

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