Evelyn Mcguire

Based on Australias #1 Drama. Evelyn McGuire leads the role in this book.


3. After effects

I wake up on the bus and my head is throbbing and the bus is lying on the side it first landed on, which means while I was knocked out it tilted more. I look around at everyone and i can't find Ricky, her jacket is flying out the back window almost but she is no where to be scene. I stand up very slowly and step around the people who are hurt and love with tears coming to my eyes, Ricky pops her head through the top with Brax and they start helping me get out and they have called the ambulance. I go back inside to see Sasha with the dead body of the bus driver on her and then Kyle whose legs stuck under the bus, my aunty is on the floor and I notice something in her back, it's a metal pole. I then go into shock and run to see if she's alright, she's not and moaning in lots of pain.

The ambulance keeps assuring me she's going to be alright. I am just shaken by these events and then think about Josh, he was getting checked by the ambulance because the car that almost hit us actaully hit him and Brax. I go to see if Ricky's babies alright and she says that it feels okay which is a good sign. last year she lost her unborn child due to a bomb that blew off in the hospital it killed my dad, but he was keeping me, my twin and Kyle hostage at the same time. it was hectic.

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