To kill innocent people to survive?

Opgave 3:
Håber at I kan lide det;)


4. I don't want to lose my soul

I don't want to lose my soul.

It is what defines me, and makes me, me.

It is what they want, but what I want to keep.

Without my soul. I am nothing.

If I am nothing, I will not survive.


Without a soul, I have no feelings.

If I don't have feelings, I will not feel love.

If I will not feel love, I will not be loved.

If I am not loved. I am nothing at all.


If I have no soul, I have not passions.

No music, no art, nothing to keep me going.

If I can't keep going, I will never say the things I wanted to say.


I would rather die, than lose the ability to love, to feel and to be passionate about something. And most of all, I would rather have a soul than be what they want me to be. 


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