The Angel On a Mission

My name is Anica. I live in Heaven. I killed myself when my sister, Linoca, committed suicide because she was bullied. My heart was broken when I found out. So, I killed myself, as to join her. When I entered the afterlife, I couldn't find Linoca and when I asked fellow angels if they knew her, they only gasped in fear and vanished from me. This is my mission to find out what happened to Linoca and why everybody fears her name.


8. Never Alone

Grandpapa laughed too.

"You always were a bit of a bossy girl," Grandpapa said.

"Come on," said Grandmama, "We still have a lot to see,"

I watched as 9 year old version of Linoca and I faded away. When we were gone, Grandpapa and I followed Grandmama into the hall again and into the kitchen. There, a 5 year old Linoca sat on the counter, covered in flour. There was a shopping bag in front of her, opened. An empty packet of flour flew onto the floor, from the counter. Linoca smacked the counter angrily and took out a bottle of syrup instead. She squeezed it in a circle around her.

"Very creative, Linoca," I said as she smushed and apple on her head.

But my grandparents were focusing on the miniature me.

The 5 year old me was trying to get up onto a chair, leaned against the table. I had a packet of Chocolate Chip Cookies in my hand but I wasn't eating any of them. When I finally got up onto the chair, after a lot of fails, I stood on it and put the cookies in the cookie press. Then I turned around and squatted to jump down, when Linoca climbed down from the counter, onto the chair and swung from it like Tarzan. Then she toddled over to me and held her hand out. I grabbed it and got down without hurting myself.

Grandpapa smiled. "Best friends, you two were,"

"And they're going to still be!" Grandmama laughed, "Remember, we showed Linoca her memories yesterday."

"Oh, yes of course!" Grandpapa said, "Anica, we were there yesterday, with you and Linoca. Just to let you know, you weren't alone. You were never alone. Nobody ever is."

I turned to the memory again. The 5 year old me ran a finger on Linoca's face and licked it. "Ugh!" I said, pulling a disgusted face. Then the memory began to fade.



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