The Angel On a Mission

My name is Anica. I live in Heaven. I killed myself when my sister, Linoca, committed suicide because she was bullied. My heart was broken when I found out. So, I killed myself, as to join her. When I entered the afterlife, I couldn't find Linoca and when I asked fellow angels if they knew her, they only gasped in fear and vanished from me. This is my mission to find out what happened to Linoca and why everybody fears her name.


5. Just a Dream

Anica's P.O.V.

  The next day was hard. We still weren't sure if she had killed herself or was murdered.

  "Do you know anything about this, Anica?" Mama cried as she shook Linoca's wrist. "She- she- I can't feel her pulse."

  "Mama, she was bullied." I told her, "By Siofra, Kila and Angalinea. They cyber bullied her too." I showed Mama the phone.

  "So- so she did..."

  I nodded, my eyes watering.

 It was Tuesday, but I didn't go to school.


  After sitting beside Linoca for a while, Papa took her. He lifted her up and walked away with her. Mama and I followed. 

  "She's okay," Papa muttered. "With God, she's okay. She's happy."

  I turned around. I ran upstairs again and lay a towel down over the blood stains in our bedroom. Which is now my bedroom.

  "It's just a dream," I said, pacing the room. "Just a dream." I looked at the knife which lay on the ground. "I'll prove it. It is only a dream."

  But I could feel my heart beating in my chest.

  Smell the blood underneath the ground.

  Hear my parents screaming downstairs.

  This was no dream.

  I picked up the knife and without thinking, or praying, drove it into me. The world stopped.

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