The Angel On a Mission

My name is Anica. I live in Heaven. I killed myself when my sister, Linoca, committed suicide because she was bullied. My heart was broken when I found out. So, I killed myself, as to join her. When I entered the afterlife, I couldn't find Linoca and when I asked fellow angels if they knew her, they only gasped in fear and vanished from me. This is my mission to find out what happened to Linoca and why everybody fears her name.


9. Flooding Memories

Then Grandpapa began to lead the way to the next room. It was the bathroom, it might sound weird, because- you can't have many memories from a bathroom, right? But still- a memory appeared.

An 8 year old version of Linoca and I were standing at the edge of the bath, in swimsuits. We were each holding a pink seahorse. Linoca whispered, "1...2...3... Go!" And we turned on the water. I had turned on the hot water and she had turned on the cold. The water was on full blast and was filling up more and more.

After a while, the water began to overflow. Linoca and I threw the seahorses in to the water and we dived in.

"My mermaid name is Aniwater," the 8 year old me giggled.

"And I'm Lino...SeaHorse!" Linoca decided.

Then we dived underneath the water and played in the water.

"Yes, it's all very cute." Grandmama snapped, looking at my face, "Until your mother came in to go to the toilet, and the bathroom was flooded.

It was flooding alright, but the water ran straight threw me, Grandmama and Granpapa.

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