The Angel On a Mission

My name is Anica. I live in Heaven. I killed myself when my sister, Linoca, committed suicide because she was bullied. My heart was broken when I found out. So, I killed myself, as to join her. When I entered the afterlife, I couldn't find Linoca and when I asked fellow angels if they knew her, they only gasped in fear and vanished from me. This is my mission to find out what happened to Linoca and why everybody fears her name.


7. Bossy Boots

And so, I followed them. I followed them into the sitting room. Then they stopped.

"Look, dear," Grandmama said.

I looked.

There was Linoca and I, sitting on the sofa together. Linoca had a book in her hands, called Abandoned by Patronus Mist.

She was reading to me. I was- well, I was being myself at that age, and I was correcting her every time she read something wrong.

We were only around 9. But I remember Linoca and I were top of the class in English. Probably because Papa wrote for the newspaper at that time.

The present me laughed at how I was so bossy. I remembered the time when Anna Biller brought in a teddy for "Show and Tell" and said "My Mum buyed it for me" instead of "My Mum bought it for me" and I stood on my chair and corrected her grammar for all to hear.

The nine year old version of Linoca had finished reading by now. She closed the book and hugged me. Then playfully hit me across the cheek and shouted "Mosquito!" And ran away. I shouted, "Linoca! I don't want to play!" But ran after her. When I caught her, I shouted "Mosquito!" too. That was our version of "tag"

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