A story of two young vampires, one who saw the other for the first time, but she was getting abuse by stepfather, then she ran away from home. Carlos was fighting to have her by his side.


6. Maria's safety

Maria was so scared that Tony was going to hurt her again. So, she ran away from home, on that day when she ran away, Maria's mother had went into her bedroom, but didn't see Maria at all. Tony was looking for her then he went to my place and started banging on our door, he said "Carlos, where is she?!" I said "I don't know what you're talking about," he said "You're lying, you bastard, because of you, she ran away from home!!" I said in shock "Maria ran away from home," he said "Yes, thanks to you," I said "No wonder, she ran away from home because of your ass," he said "What did you say, you bastard?!" I said "I said that she ran away from home because of your dumb ass," Maria's mother said "What you're saying that my daughter ran away from home because of Tony, why?" I answered "Because your dumb ass husband was abusing her a lot and you were so blind to see that," then I left the house and went looking for Maria, when I saw a girl on the ground, it was another girl but not Maria. 

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