A story of two young vampires, one who saw the other for the first time, but she was getting abuse by stepfather, then she ran away from home. Carlos was fighting to have her by his side.


4. Maria is crying

I wept her tears, she woke up and said "Carlos, what happened?" I answered "You got a fever, so I thought it was best for you to be comfortable in my room," she blushed when I was feeling her forehead, I got up and started heading towards to the door then she grabbed my hand and said "Carlos, can you stay with me, please?" I said "Yeah, I'm going to bring you some water to drink." After, I brought some food and water for Maria, the doctor said that she was too weak to feed herself that I have to feed her, then she was able to get up by herself, but her parents had left while I was feeding her, then I asked in a kind voice "Maria, can I ask you something?" She answered "Yes, what is it?" I said "I was wondering how come you were crying while you were sleeping?" She said "My mother's husband is my stepfather, and I was dreaming that my father had attacked me and he was drinking my blood, it hurt so much," I said "I never knew he was your stepfather," when I got closer to her, she said "Carlos, I want to hunt for blood," then I was next to my bed, where she was sitting at.

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