A story of two young vampires, one who saw the other for the first time, but she was getting abuse by stepfather, then she ran away from home. Carlos was fighting to have her by his side.


8. Jade and her family of thugs

Jade didn't like me, she would always scared people because she would give people mean looks, so I asked "Jade, how come you give nasty looks at gringos y gringas?" She answered in a confident voice "Because they did worst things to me, my sisters, my brothers, and our Mexican ladies," I was wondering what she meant by "worst things"? But I didn't want to look stress about what she meant by those words, when I saw Maria. When we arrived at their house, Maria and I saw each other, she started crying then she ran towards me and said "Carlos, I miss you so much, did they send you to find me and take me back to that bastard?!" I answered "Nope, I came here with my sister, Veronica, she went shopping, but I got into another fight with stupid ass Tony," Maria said "Why and it looks like you haven't been eating for 2 years," I sighed and said "I haven't eaten nor sleep for 2 years because I was worried about you and Tony thought that I was hiding you." She saw what Tony did to me, he actually punched me on my rib cage and left a big ass bruise. Then Jade saw me and Maria hugging each other so tightly, Maria said "Jade, met Carlos, my boyfriend," I was shock that Maria said that I was her boyfriend, but it started to get dark. Then Jade saw and heard something behind the bushes, then Veronica jumped out and bit Jade on the neck, Jade wasn't scare not even screaming. I couldn't believe my eyes that she wasn't screaming, it looked like she was enjoying it instead, then Jade's brother came and punched Veronica in the face, I grabbed his arm, Jade was just there laughing, and I asked in confused voice "What the hell, is so freaky funny?" Jade answered "That this little spoiled little brat here was drinking the blood of a vampire queen and you are grabbing the arm of a vampire king," Maria, Veronica, and I were shocked.

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