A story of two young vampires, one who saw the other for the first time, but she was getting abuse by stepfather, then she ran away from home. Carlos was fighting to have her by his side.


5. I found love

Several weeks after the incident, I asked my mother if she could invite Maria and her parents over the dinner, Maria's mother said "Carlos, I knew that you liked Maria so much," I said "I'm in love with her," Maria went into the garden, I went with her, I was trying to see her face, but I couldn't see, then I asked "Maria, can I see your beautiful face?" She answered "No, I'm sorry," I asked in a worried  voice "Why are you sorry?" She turned around and I saw a busted lip and a black eye, I said in a concerned voice "What happen?!" She said "It was an accident, he said that he was sorry but he kept on hitting me," I asked "Was it Tony?" She sighed and then said "Yes," I went into the house, I went up to Tony and punched him in the face, then my brother got up quickly and went up to me and grabbed me by the neck and took me to my bedroom.

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