A story of two young vampires, one who saw the other for the first time, but she was getting abuse by stepfather, then she ran away from home. Carlos was fighting to have her by his side.


7. 2 years without Maria

It's been 2 years without finding Maria, then I wasn't eating nor sleeping. Then Veronica and I went to the human world, some of the girls were looking at me and guys were looking at Veronica. Veronica went shopping, I went to take a walk in the park, then I saw a girl that looked like Maria, so I said "Excuse me, what's your name?" She said "Oh my god, Jade look isn't he cute?" Then her twin sister said "Whatever, I still don't get it that how come I have to get marry at 15," I asked "Excuse me, have you seen this girl?" Jade answered "I've seen her, she said that a guy was chasing her and that her step dad was abusing her," I asked in a concerned voice "Where can I find her?" Jade said "She lives with me, my sisters and brothers," I asked "Can we go?" I wanted to see her so bad, but Jade and her twin sister were different, Jade was scary as hell and her sister was nice and awesome. 

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